Thursday, December 26, 2013

More Accomplishments - Day 2

Then I had the numbers of cleaning the drawers, making toys, and making supplement.  Started out and cleaned yet another of the chests of drawers (there's quite a few of them -- that number will stay on my list until I've done em all).  Between the two tall black ones, I have two medical drawers, and there was never any rhyme or reason as to what went in either one of them, they were sort of a mishmosh.  Well, now they are sorted.  One has only medications, and the other has everything else.  Much better.

Moving on, I made some jars of supplement.  I had one person who bought supplement return their empty jar, so that allowed me to make an extra jar without using a new one.  So if you buy any of the items in the glass jars, are just throwing them away when they're empty, and are local, please bring them back to the rescue as they can be sterilized and used again.

Then moved on to toys.  Since I know that I should be anticipating toy parts sooner or later (assuming this package doesn't get lost as well), I started with the critter's delight toy.  I was drilling through a piece of wood that had a knot in it (couldn't be seen from the top), and I was really pressing it wasn't going through, and my titanium drill bit literally snapped in two.  Naturally, taking a nice chunk of skin with it.  So, rather than take a break and go upstairs, I figured, I'll just fold a paper towel and wrap it around my finger several times and tape it on.  If you're reading this, thinking "what a bad idea," you'd be correct.  So, it was bleeding, but I wanted to keep making toys, so I figured, the paper towel will soak it up and it'll be fine... sure would.  In fact, when I went to peel it off, hours later, I had about 5-6 layers of paper towel nicely stuck onto the area where I was missing skin on my finger.  Let's just say that hurt to get off.  

But anyway, before I went upstairs to fix the finger (and it's the SAME finger as the one I broke and mangled with the saw -- bad luck finger I guess), I made enough of the critter's delight toys to fill the drawer they go in, and then moved onto the pumice and triangles toy.  I made as many as I could with my pre-drilled pumice and triangles, then started drilling more pumice.  I got about half of a gallon-sized bag drilled at the point when the drill battery kicked out, so that went on the charger.

Then, I have bags and bags of non-drilled toy parts, so I went through two of the bags and separated out the triangles and the little squares that go in all the toys.  With the drill charging, not much else I could do, so that was the end of the day (not to mention, it was 10:30 at night).

Next day has the numbers of cleaning drawers, making toys, and listing cages.

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