Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yesterday and today

Trying to accomplish things hasn't really been going so great lately.  Had volunteers over the weekend and we got a ton of stuff done, but I'm still behind in orders, so I think the store will close again in January like last year.

Few updates first though:

  • I did some paperwork last night, so now, most donations made within the last 2-3 months are now showing on the Donations page
    • If yours is missing, please let me know
  • I did a hammock inventory
    • Realized some hammocks still listed on the site were, in fact, out of stock
      • Removed those
    • Changed BOH numbers on other hammocks
    • Found 4-5 hammocks at the rescue that are not on the site.  The one was a previous hammock that somehow must have gotten taken off when I still had some left.  That one was re-added
      • Still need to add the other three, but did take pictures, so that should be soon
  • Received another email about how the larger shelves are not on the webstore
    • Which, they never were due to the huge fluctuations in shipping depending on if someone's here in Chicago or in California
    • But, with so many people telling me they need to be there... I added them in
      • I just set shipping reasonably high, with a note that excess shipping will be refunded when the order ships
      • We shall see how this goes 
  • I officially have pictures and descriptions taken of more of the cages for sale
    • But note, they are not up on the website yet
    • But will be soon 
I had someone call mid-day yesterday, around 1 pm, for Harry (the rabbit we have).  Called em back when I got home from work, oh, they already picked up a rabbit elsewhere.  Really?  Now, potentially, that was an impulse purchase if they couldn't wait a few hours to be called back, but still... frustrating, as Harry's having a difficult time finding a home.  

Also, Jim noticed something interesting, in looking at our website.  He picked up a chin from someone who was selling it (the rescue rarely pays for critters, but if they look on the verge of death and really crappy situation, that's a different story sometimes) and brought it here.  The same day.... we had people come to adopt a male chin.  Those people who came to adopt were the same people who Jim picked up the badly cared chin from.  Wtf??  I mean, they adopted a chin of a different color, but... wtf???  Sell one just to get another?  I do not understand this world.  And I feel like this just proves, no matter how well someone looks on paper or even how they act in person, you never quite know what's going on behind the scenes.  And I'd never have known, had it not been for Jim....

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