Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Fun day today, and I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible.

Had Tazzie adopted out yesterday, so I contacted the first person on my waiting list.  Did not hear back from them, so today, I texted the second person on my list.  Didn't know if they could text or had texting on their phone, but added in the text that I would call them tonight if I didn't hear back from them.  Well, they did text back -- originally they had three chins they wanted to bring by, a mom and two daughters, and I knew that, when they called back in September, the mom was sick.  Turns out, the mom has died, but they do still have the two daughters, and were just waiting for my call so they could bring them by.  Alrighty, so they said they'd try to find a day they can make it out here, and we'll go from there.

Then... I remembered I had seen a craigslist ad that made me think it was our chin.  It said:

Chinchilla for Sale - $60 (Highland)
I can't keep my chinchilla because I'm allergic. I need someone who can take great care of her. She's 4 years old & is in great health. She is a standard grey chinchilla. For the chinchilla only, it's $60. If you want the cage, it comes with a wheel, hidey house, hammock, pillow,& I'll throw in the bath house with dust & some hay, all for $150. Feel free to contact me at [phone], here's the interesting thing.  I read this and thought the phone number seemed familiar, like I recognized it.  Let's put this in perspective.  Every week, I probably get at least 10-15 calls, and 50+ emails about adoptions or supply sales.  So, even myself, I was thinking, I better check this out before I call them, because then chance of me remembering a phone number.... not always so good, just cause of the sheer volume of calls that have come through in the last 10 years.  But, it seemed familiar, so I looked up my Highland adoptive homes.  I don't have a lot of those, but I knew (from the ad) it was a grey chin.  That, right there, cut me down to two people, both who adopted in the same month during 2013.  So, I went and pulled their paperwork, and the phone number for the one ad was 2 digits off of the phone number on the ad.  For example, let's say my cell is 789-0026... but the number (2 digits off) was 789-0028.  Well, in my head, that's close enough, and what I will do in a situation where the number doesn't quite match up is call the number on the ad and ask for the person who adopted.  So, say Ashley adopted at the 789-0026.  I call the 2-digit off number (789-0028) on the ad and ask for Ashley.  If there's no Ashley there... oops, guess I have the wrong number, sorry.... and it could be someone else, with a close phone number.  But I know I hit the jackpot when it's a unique name that's not common and the person who answers says, "oh yes, this is her mother."  Awesome.  Well, as awesome as getting a chin returned to the rescue can be awesome.  So... Gigi is coming back.  Again.

So, I got in the two swings I ordered from Twilight Chinchillas, and made the mistake of asking my mom to help me string them up.  Bad idea.  I had the pieces laid out in order so they'd look nice, and I told her when we started, let's go in order.  So, she did for a little bit, and then grabbed a pile of things with her hand and started putting em on however.  Which isn't a big deal, but I said, "hey, can we do them in order?"  Naturally, she tells me, oh they already weren't in order (yes, they were), and she doesn't care how it looks.  So, I tell her, ok, fine, I don't need help, cause I want em in order.  So what does she do?  Puts her arm down on the table, flat, and sweeps it across the table, knocking off every toy piece that was on the table onto the floor.  $100 worth of toy pieces onto the floor.  Later, she said she fully enjoyed it.    ...and this is why I need to move out, sooner rather than later


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