Sunday, December 1, 2013

Busy times....

So, been super busy with orders, but been trying to accomplish other things in the meantime.

I finally have the female guinea pigs and the rabbit over in a ferret nation.  As of yesterday, I had another CN and FN, and when my mom takes her chin (when I move), she's going to keep the FN (which is going to be a decked out Christmas/birthday gift for her), and I sold the CN.  So that gets me rid of spare huge cages.

I have one more large cage right now, but it's on hold.  Will be selling both of my QC's, as well as the midwest guinea pig cage, and several other large cages.  My 24 x 48 rabbit/guinea pig cage that's sat on the floor on wheels will be sold as well, as will the two red guinea pig cages on the stand.  Currently working on cleaning these all.  I have the midwest cage off its stand, and will be, at some point, moving the runs/holding cage up to there.  But that won't be until the QC's get off their table and I can move the runs over to that area.  Lots of cleaning/moving things lately.

Also, just got in the pro-C supplement tablets that I bought from Meadowbrook Chinchillas.  I was iffy as to whether the chins were really going to eat these things, as they're little whiteish round tablets, but surprisingly, the chins actually take these things and eat them!  Most of the chins, anyway.  The others got these put in their food dishes, and they disappeared, so, I imagine those ate them too.

Last time I got a care packet from Jean (TJ's) she sent some dried cranberries.  Since I don't give the chins any fruits/veggies, the guinea pigs and rabbit think I'm amazing right now, lol.  They just love em.

Oh and people, please... if you're going to not be able to make it, let me know.  Especially if I've given you a large span of time to be here.  As most people are aware, I try to set appointment times.  As in, I want people to tell me, they're going to be here at 5.  Or even between 5 and 6.  That way, I'm not sitting around all night waiting for people to show up.  What I dislike is when the best I can get from people is that they'll "come after 6:15" or they'll come "between 2 and 4 or maybe later."  The reason being, for some reason (and I dunno why), the people who give a range like that either show up outside of their range, or not at all.  Last week... had someone who was supposed to come "after 6:15."  They texted at 7:30 asking if they could come at 9.  Well, sure, that's after 6:15, but that's pushing it as far as how late I want people here.  So I said sure.  In the end, they'd confused Munster with Muncie, and wouldn't have gotten here until about 11 pm.  At that point... I told em, sorry, gotta come another day, I am not letting anyone in in the middle of the night.  No other pet store or rescue would do it, and I'm not that desperate to adopt out animals.  They came the next day.  But note.... I was home, and waiting around, for them from 6:15 on.  They never came that night.  Maybe that doesn't seem like a big deal, but I have things to do.  When I need to cut things on the saw, I will wait until all my people have come and gone, so that I don't end up covered in sawdust.  Problem is... if people never show up, I never end up using the saw, having effectively wasted the night.  I get it, I can just cut and end up sawdust covered, but that's not the point.  The point is, I've just sat home all night for someone who didn't show, and even aside from the saw, if I wanted to leave, I didn't, with the thought someone was coming.

Like yesterday.  Had someone who was supposed to come "between 2 and 4."  They never showed up, never texted, never called, never anything.  I had some places I needed to go, but I sat home, waiting for them.  At 4:30, I even sent an email saying, hey, if you're on your way, please call/text/email, so I can make sure to stay home for you (cause I was set to leave at 5ish).  I still don't have an email or any contact from them.  Now, I understand that people are busy, animals aren't everyone's #1 priority.  However... how long would it take to send out an email, call, text, whatever, saying, hey, I can't make it? 

Especially cause I tend to put off vacuuming unless I have people over.  The reason being, the poos fall on the floor, 5 minutes later, the floor is covered again.  If people are coming, I vacuum.  If they're not, I vacuum about twice a week.  If you don't show up, now I've spent time vacuuming that could have been spent doing something else.  Same goes with cleaning up.  The people who've been here volunteering know what a disaster the rescue turns into when we pull out shavings to clean cages, or toy parts to make toys, or the hidey houses and the glue and try to get those all put together.  Everything gets put everywhere.  I've tried to better contain that lately, by setting up another table and using that for the projects, but that doesn't always help, depending on how much stuff is down there.  Well, if people are coming, again, I try to make it look neat and presentable.  Which is fine, I prefer it neat.  But... if they don't show up, and I still am not done with whatever project... I have to pull it alllllllllll back out.  Again, wasting time.

....and this could all be solved by simply contacting me and letting me know that they can't make it.  But that seems super difficult for a lot of people....

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