Friday, December 13, 2013

Actually getting a few things done, and Red

So, I actually accomplished things yesterday.  Maybe that sounds kinda stupid, and makes you ask the question, how doesn't she accomplish things all the time?  Well, there's always cages to clean, animals to feed and water, emails and phone calls to answer... so actually doing things beyond that can be difficult at times.

But yesterday I accomplished a few things.  Minor things, mind you, but some days nothing gets done.  I listed four hammocks on the webstore and added them to the Fleece Items for Sale page.  I packaged up 5 orders which will be mailed out today.  I went through some paperwork.

...and the depressing news, Red, one of our rescue guinea pigs, passed away.  She was fine one moment, gone the next, making me think she likely had a heart attack or something of the sort.  She'd been living in the cage with our other female guinea pigs, and nothing had appeared wrong until I found her gone yesterday.  Well, now she's in piggie heaven.

Hope to get more done tonight.  For some reason, Friday nights are productive for me, and I think maybe its' cause I know I don't have to be up at the crack of dawn for work like usual.  Fingers crossed.

Oh!  One last thing.  If you have a cage on hold -- PLEASE come pick it up.  I know there's only like two listed on the Used Cages for Sale page, but there's at least 5-6 of you with holds on un-listed cages that keep telling me you'll come by and never do.  You know who you are and I think most of you read this blog..... and yet only one person has a set appointment to come pick up theirs.  For the rest of you, please come pick up your cage.  Even if you've paid for it already -- it's taking up room here and I would appreciate it going home with its new owner.  Thanks!  

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