Thursday, December 5, 2013

Motorhome returned.... and I am maaaad.

So, remember that person who wouldn't glue the two pieces to the motorhome to fix it and wanted a refund?  They finally shipped my motorhome back. 

Problem is, this is how they received it:

...mainly together, but with the top and the front piece off.  So, they ship it back to me, in a box 2x the size of the motorhome, with 7 freakin air bubbles.  This is how I received it: know, when I opened the box, I actually thought someone sent me some shelves.  It actually took me a minute to recognize, hey, that's the motorhome I'm getting back.  In many many pieces.  I am pissed. 

Considering I sent the motorhome with ample packaging, they could have sent it back in the original box (which fit it much better), with the original packaging (which FILLED the box), and had it not break any further.  But no..... instead, I get a motorhome that might as well be scraps of wood for me to cut up.  And I paid $10.95 to ship this back to me!  Plus, they got a refund.  And now I get to re-assemble the whole thing, IF it is even possible to do so at this point in time, with it broken like this.

I am sick and tired of people saying, "oh, you must not have packaged it well."  No, I packaged it perfectly fine, but I can't help that postmen play basketball with the box.  Or if it falls off a 15' up in the air conveyor belt, also not something I can protect against.  The picture above is the PERFECT example of something packaged horribly. 

Sure, I get, she didn't want it, so she returned it.  Fine, but could she have made some effort to return it to me in the same condition SHE received it in?  As in, only requiring a few dabs of glue to return to how it should look?  Obviously she didn't care enough to do so, threw it in the box with not nearly enough packaging, and now it's scrap wood.  I spent the time to make this thing (and the motorhome takes a LONG time to make), then refunded the purchase price, and now I paid another $10.95 for a pile of scrap wood.  You know how damaged this is?  Let me show you.  These are the only pieces left together:

 ....really????  Omfg. 

I sent this to the person who sent it back to me:

I received the motorhome today.  Just wanted to let you know that I would have preferred you to have packaged it better, as see the attached pictures as to what it looks like now.  I just paid $10.95 for you to send me scrap wood, as now, it is un-fixable, due to how many pieces it is in.  I took the time to make this, it came to you with two pieces off, which could have been easily fixed, and I feel like you couldn't even take the time to package it in a way that I would received it in the same condition you received it in.  Considering you had all the packaging materials from when I sent it to you, this should not have been difficult in the least, and should have arrived here in decent condition.   

Snarky?  Maybe.  But you know what?  I feel like they couldn't take 5 fucking minutes to package it up, and now I have a pile of firewood, they get to know my thoughts on their packaging.

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