Thursday, December 5, 2013

Busy busy... doesn't always accomplish a lot

So, yesterday was a busy day.  Got home, had people coming at 7, so I went and finished building their snowman, got the other toy they wanted, and their food and put it upstairs.

...and started on taking Christmas pictures for the cards my parents send out.  Well, it actually worked out good, cause my people had to re-schedule, and so then I had more time to do the pictures without an interruption.  Got those done, went to Meijer, got em printed, and back home. more orders.  I finally got the snowman ledge shelves done for the one order, packaged those up with the rest of the order, and sent a quote over to the interested person.
snowman ledge shelf

Another order was for a large cage with some shelves.... got all that weighed, cost figured out, and sent over a quote to them.

Another order was for two ounces of globe flowers... packaged that up, cost figured out, sent over a quote to them.

I still have several orders I need to work on.  There's one that was paid yesterday or the day before that needs to be packaged up to go out.  There's one that a lady sent a check through the mail to pay for, need to start on that one.  There's another that's ready to go, just waiting for payment.

So, then started the clean-up.  When I'm working on multiple projects, everything tends to get everywhere.  So, during cleanup, everyone got their dust bath with the fungicide in it.  Still have a chin or two that looks less-than-appealing, and one that is just not getting better that needs a nice dose of the strong stuff (that's for today or another day), but for the most part, they are getting better.  That said, now my one guinea pig, who seems to have a cold/respiratory infection, now has a spot of fungus on her nose.  See, opportunitistic infection which attacks the ones with a weak immune system.  So, she's getting baytril for her infection, and I rubbed some desenex into her nose.

And then I made some holiday wreaths.  So now, I have about 5 of those ready to go for orders.  To make more, I'd actually have to dye more toy parts, so I'll wait til I'm down to the last one (if I get there) before making more.  For those 5 wreaths, it took about 3 full trays of dyed toy parts.... there's a lot of wood in those toys.

Gave everyone food, water.  Gave them all the supplement tabs that I got in a bit ago.  Still surprised they eat the things, they're like little whiteish gray round tablets.  But most chins eat em with no problem.  The others get them laid in their food bowl (I try to get the chins to take em from my hand... but that doesn't always work out) and they tend to disappear.

Oh and Dreamz is definitely pregnant, probably with multiple babies.  The last two pregnancies she had a stillborn and two preemies, so if this doesn't work out, she's going to a pet home.  Well, she's likely going to a pet home anyway, as I believe I have a replacement female for her, with less attitude.

Cleaned up a little, tried to organize, as I have volunteers coming Sunday!  Still have a ton of cages on the floor that need to be cleaned... I FINALLY brought down paper towel rolls to the basement so I can have something to clean them with.  Also need to list the already-clean cages.  Need to take pics of those and get descriptions up... maybe today.

And I need to clean cages... but as it's Thursday... I think it can wait til Sunday when I have help.  I'm sure anyone who've volunteering Sunday and is reading this is thrilled at the prospect of cleaning cages, but sadly, that's what takes oodles of time.  We'll see though, depends on what else ends up getting done between now and then.  It's only Thursday after all...and trash day is tomorrow, so might be good to actually get some stuff cleaned so next week's trash isn't overflowing with chin stuff...

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