Tuesday, April 1, 2014


^ that would be the term for people I want to strangle.

I got girl scout cookies this year... a month after they came in.  It wasn't like, we waited a month, it was more like, I would be like, ok, when can I get em?  She says, oh I'll drop by Saturday.  She doesn't.  I message, she says ok I'll call you tomorrow.  She doesn't call.  Sets up another Saturday.  Doesn't show.... and so on and so forth for a month.  Now, that all said, she had decent excuses (something about work, car broke down, etc etc)... but that didn't change the fact that it'd been a month since the cookies came in for me to get them.

Fast forward a bit.  This person has adopted some critters from here before and wants to add to the collection with chins.  They have a decent cage and four (yes, FOUR) on hold.  This is a big deal because if they took all four, I could bring in several people's chins off my waiting list.  Well, it was difficult just getting her the adoption form and paperwork, as nothing wanted to open on the computer, and, as I'm aware, you can't fill out the forms on the phone.  Fine, I told her, bring it when you come.  And she wanted to put down a deposit on the chins.  And a discount.  What should have been $350 worth of chins (if sold separately), became $300 of chins (with multi-chin discount), and then down to $250.  And she wants a cage, which I just figured out today will be $130.  We'll see what she thinks of the price.

Anyway, let's go to today.  I had her marked down to come by between 11-12.  Well, I got up at 10, to make sure I figured out the cage price before she got her (cause I said I would).  11 am passes.  12 noon passes.  1 pm passes... and I message her on facebook, asking if she's still coming.  She asks me to call her in 15 minutes.  I tell her that I can't stay on the phone long, because I should have already left the house to accomplish the other things on my to-do list for the day.  So it's been 9 minutes now.  When it hits 15, I will call her. 


Here's the problem with this.  If the adoption goes through, that's a lot of chins adopted and a lot of open space to take in more chins.  If it doesn't, that's a lot of wasted time with chins on hold.  See, with a chin on hold, people look at that and pass it by.  Well, had the chin not been on hold, they might have asked about it and possibly adopted it.  But when they sit on hold forever, that loses out on potential homes. 

Other problem -- dragging it out.  You cancel, or heck, even just call/text and say that you're going to be late, I'm perfectly fine with it.  But here's the thing -- the people who actually show up tend to show up 3 hours late, without ever contacting me.  The others simply don't show up, don't call, don't anything.  And the way I hear from them is because I will contact them and ask if they forgot they were supposed to come.  Cue long line of excuses why they didn't and why they couldn't possibly have called. 

But back to dragging it out.  This happens all the time.  Because I had two chins on hold, awhile back, for someone who was going to move.  Then that didn't happen.  Then she was going to get an apartment, oh, wait, a house, and by the time all was said and done, three months had passed and I didn't feel she was any closer to getting the chins than the day we first talked.  Surprise, she didn't end up getting them.  So, while those chins were on hold for her for three months, they could have been adopted and in someone else's home (and likely would have been, because I had someone on my waiting list for a pair the entire time... and they ended up adopting the pair).  Same with this situation.... even if they are adopted, in the end, by this person -- here's the thing -- they've sat here for months and months, taking up room where other chins that need to come into the rescue could be.  I mean, I don't mind keeping em here, but at the same time, I understand that the people on the waiting list (to dropoff their critters) want to bring em.  And people delaying adoptions isn't helping that. 

Alright, so I called, right?  She said she got a call from work at 6 this morning saying she had to come into work or get fired.  So she went in.  Which, I would too, but here's the thing... she couldn't have sent me a message before she left saying, "hey, I can't come today?"  You know?  I mean that's all I ask.  Cause now, I been sitting here putting away things, not leaving the house to do the things I actually need to do, since 10 am, and its now 1:26 pm.  This is why people need to have common courtesy and call me.  Cause see, you didn't show up, but it doesn't matter that I live here, because I just wasted 3.5 hours of my time waiting for you.  Pain in the ass.

She's supposed to come Thursday.  We shall see.

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