Sunday, April 13, 2014

...and the trend continues

So this is gonna be really short, but I just wanted to point something out.  Remember that person that wanted the four chins and then delayed and delayed and delayed on and on and on and I finally told her, if you can't get here by Sunday, they're going up for adoption?

Guess what?  Didn't see her today.

So, they're all up for adoption.

...and see, the trend seems to be, the people that really want the animals come right away to adopt them.  I've had people come the same day, but typically, it's within 1-2 weeks.  But here's the thing... if it nears/passes a month's time since that person has said they want the animal, so far, 100% of the time, they never come to get it. 

Guess I will get around to listing them all soon.

Have girl scouts coming tomorrow, so going to bed early so I can get up and spend the day cleaning and getting ready for that.  More bout that later...

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