Monday, April 7, 2014

Just to further illustrate my point....

Few days ago I was talking about how people are really losing any sort of common courtesy lately.  I see that because they don't get back to me, they can't even wait for me to call back... that sort of thin. 

Well, yesterday and this morning have been other examples of this.   I had someone text me andsay they have a chin and are looking for another, and asked what I have.  Told em, mostly females, butI have a male that will be ready eventually, and I asked what they have.  They have (they think) a female.  So I said, ok, I have several females for you to pick from, and you could bring yours here to see if they get along.  And... end of conversation.  I dunno what happened.  I'm thinking one of several things though.  Either (1) they wanted a male, so, me saying, here's some females, was end of conversation, (2) they looked up how far they are from me (area code for them was Tennessee) and were like nevermind, or (3) who knows.  But would it be that difficult to just say, ok, no thanks?  I mean, no, I get nothing.

Had a guy call this morning at 9:30.  I had a chin dropoff and other phone calls to return, and the basement needed a bit more prepping cause now the contractor may come today.  So I did that, and then sat down to return his call at around 11:30.  Oh, he already found a chin elsewhere.  I don't get it.  See, if I was looking for something, I call one person.  Wait for them to respond.  I mean, you don't wait forever, cause not all places ever respond, but like wait a few days, move on.  Not, call 20 places and then its a race to see who calls you back first.  This sort of stuff just irks me.  I mean, I would like to call people back the second they call.... but I don't just live the rescue life 24/7, I also sleep, I have other things to do.... sitting around waiting for rescue phone calls just isn't going to happen.  

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