Wednesday, April 9, 2014

People again.

People that are contacting me are pissing me off.  And yeah, they typically always do, because there's always going to be people who don't get back to you and people who don't answer their phones and so on and so forth.  But in the past two months, it has been EVERY person. 

Remember that person who wanted the four chins and kept putting it off?  Yeah, she still hasn't been here.  I told her, she has til Sunday night to pick em up, because it's not fair to the chins or to other people who want to adopt them, that they've been on hold for her for a month. And it's not.  I've had other people ask about them.  They potentially could have ALL been adopted and in their new homes by now.  And the people with chins on my waiting list (to come into the rescue, you all could've had your chins here if she'd come and adopted them.  But no, delay delay delay.  The latest one was that it was raining the other day, and since then, she messaged me that she needed my adoption form again (this has gotta be the 3rd-4th time I've sent it) and that maybe she could come this weekend.  Maybe.  So I told her, if they're not picked up by Sunday night, they're going to be available to anyone who wants them.  Cause this is ridiculous.  There's no reason it should take someone a month (and it's just a few days shy, now, from the day she wanted them on hold for her) to come here and get some chins.  Oh, then she was getting carpet put in, so she had to wait to set up the chin cage.  And then she asked how much three would be, but wait!! she still wanted to get the fourth, but she had to wait. Wait til what, I retire??  Cause that's about the speed this is moving at.  So, if Sunday comes, and she isn't here, those chins will be posted.  And again, if she's reading this, I'm sorry, but this is f-ing ridiculous.  This makes me question how long it would take to get vet care cause one would probably DIE if you waited a month to get vet care for most problems.

Moving along.  Had someone call a few days ago asking about a chin. I told him what we had and he said, he wanted to make sure we'd have something if he made the drive.  So I told him, yeah, have several, and told him all about the adoption process and he said he'd call and we'd schedule an appointment.  But I think, if I recall, he wanted to come that day, and I wasn't able to do that day, and he said he's call.  But he never did.  Fast forward to today, I got a phone call from him saying his other daughter wanted to get a chin.  Ok, so he wants two?  No, he already got one elsewhere.  And he said, yeah, we talked, but I never told him at all about the adoption process.  *bangs head against wall*  No, of course not.  Cause I didn't send him the adoption form and care packet last time or anything, nooooo.  Oh wait, yes I did.  So I re-sent it to him today.  He wanted to come today.  I can't do today because I have things I need to do, and the contractor's coming, and the dryer people are coming, I don't have time today.  Oh, so he'll call me.  Riiiight.  Oh and the best part was that, considering I sent him the care packet and all, weeks ago, today he asked me if the cage with the plastic shelves and the slide was ok.  I told him the size is fine, but those shelves and slide need to go.  Apparently didn't read that care packet.

On that note..let's go back to that cage.  Who has EVER seen an animal use a slide?  I mean, really?

On a positive note, because I really do hate coming on here just to whine, the contractor was here and has the walls up.  Working on drywall and then they will get painted and then I will be able to move the saws in and the store can open back up.  Yay!  Well, not really yay for me, because I have like 10 orders waiting to be made, and, like every time I open up the store, I'll get 20 more... and I'm not complaining... but this gets me way behind when I have 30 orders at once, and people wonder why I'm always behind..... because, those 30 orders, depending on what they are, will take awhile to do, and I'll get more orders while I'm doing those, so I'm never actually finished with orders.. an the cycle goes on and on and on and always behind.  I'd like to not be behind, don't get me wrong.  But most of my orders want shelves or a custom house, and those take way longer to do than to sit here and put herbs in baggies.  So I apologize for always behind behind, but blame the fact that everyone orders all at once, rather than me.  I am one person, have to care for all the critters, am still moving in a house... and I'm sorry if I'm not looking forward to the influx of orders. 

And I think that's it for the moment.

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