Saturday, May 6, 2017

Location, location, location

So... a quick post on the importance of location.  More importantly... looking up the location of the place you are trying to purchase something from.

I got an email the other day, saying this person wanted a baby chin, and asked if I had any available.  I told them, yes, quite a few, and asked what they were looking for.  They responded that they were not particular about sex or color, but they wanted one 3 months to 1 year old, and wanted to see pictures.  He specified where he lived, but I did not recognize the city, as being from a specific area / state (at least, not around here).

So, I responded back with pictures and a small amount of info on 8 chinchillas that fit what this person said they were looking for.  I told him, I didn't know where the city was, but that we were in Hammond, IN, and I was letting him know in case he wanted to plan out the trip.

The response back:

People... is it THAT hard to look up location?  Let me answer that for you... no.  All of my ads that are on external sites (read: not my website) specifically state: this chinchilla is located in Hammond, IN 46324.  On my website, on the first page that opens, it says, right near the top:

Welcome to NWI Chinchillas!  We are a small hobby breeder of chinchillas located in Northwest Indiana -- specifically, Hammond, Indiana.'s right freaking there.  I try to make it easy for you all!  I'm not sure if people don't read, or what, but I tell you, if that guy had taken 2 minutes to look up where I am... he could have saved himself multiple emails, and myself sending pics and info of 8 chins...

So... in case you missed it, and to further wrap up: we are located in Hammond, IN.  Hammond is a suburb of Chicago, and it takes us about 30 minutes to get downtown from the house.  If you are far, far, away, please consider where we are located, as compared to where you are located... and if the drive is too far... we understand.  It's all good!  But please, look it up ahead of time.  Thank you!  

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