Friday, May 19, 2017

Read The Name of the Place You Are Calling

I don't even feel like this one should need to be said... if you are looking up a place to help you with something.  Whether it's a plumber or pest removal or home repair or anything... and you search, ok, "plumbing" in google... and you get results... please, please tell me, before you immediately click on the first phone number that pops up, you at least read the URL, or the name of the website that pops up, or the company, or something.

Some clearly don't,  In fact... a LOT clearly don't.

I get a LOT of calls asking if we got in someone's poodle / doberman / rottie / etc.  It's actually easier for me to just say, "sorry, no we didn't," than to explain, we are a chinchilla rescue, we don't take in dogs.  Because I swear, if I say that... next question becomes... "well... did anyone call about bringing in a poodle / doberman / rottie / etc."  I'm honestly starting to think that people don't care where they've gotten ahold of -- if their business-of-choice (usually, animal control) is not open or not helpful to them, they will call anyplace that even remotely deals with animals, to see if they can find help.  Which.... for a lost pet, that I can sort of understand...

... but then there's the people who just simply don't read.  I got a call today, it went to voicemail, and the message left basically states, "hey please call me back, my number is xxx-xxxx, I have squirrels in the attic."  Wait, what?  I even googled "squirrel northwest Indiana," just for shits and giggles, to see if my site or phone number somehow popped up.  I went through three pages of squirrel removal links, and mine isn't on there.  I realize, there's a zillion linked pages, but surely she didn't scroll to page 20 to find my number...  So.... how did she get my number for squirrel removal?  Not sure... but wherever my website / phone number / contact info is located, if this person had taken two seconds to click on the link and actually look at what she found... she would have realized... we don't do squirrel removal (or any critter removal, for that matter).

And in case you think these are isolated incidents... about half of the calls I get are for lost dogs, whether we adopt out dogs / cats, whether we can take in dogs / cats, someone being chased by a loose dog that they're sure is going to eat their kid, and then random stuff (like the squirrel removal).  This is all the time, and I can't help but think it's because people search for something, and even if my site / contact info does pop up in search results, they don't take two seconds to look at who they're calling, before they call.

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