Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Shipping and discounts

Had someone today ask about shipping, so I told them about the shipping cost.  They came back with:

😨😨 200 dollars for shipping. Can I get lower price for each chinchilla? I may buy 2 female chinchilla if the price is good enough to me

Excuse me?  They're already asking about buying a baby grey chinchilla -- mind you, the LEAST expensive baby chin that we have, and then want a discount on top of that.  Uh, let me think about that... wait... NO.

I told this person, adults are cheaper, if they're looking for cheaper chins.  What is it with people thinking that $135 is too much for a baby chin?  Last week, someone left with a chin, cage, a few months worth of needed supplies... for less than $250.  They drove 3 hours to get here, because they said, by them... the chin -- ALONE -- was $250.

And I mentioned (which I know I have a blog about), the price for shipping is something like 90-95% COST.  It's not like shipping is $20, and I pocket the rest, so much goes for the flight, and then I have to make part of the crate and then still pay Jim for the use of the crate, and get to the airport, and so on and so forth... it costs damn near close to what I charge...

Plus, mind you.... the person who wanted the discount... they have a male and want to get females to breed.  Classic backyard breeder, wants the cheapest chins ever, so they can have babies and get rich off of them.  I know, I know, you've heard me go on and on about this, time and time again, but it doesn't change -- the only way to really make money off of chins is to cut corners.  If you really buy good, pedigreed chins that have been shown, and have placed well, and you breed those, and show the offspring, and feed them quality pellets and hay, and clean the cages once a week, and so on and so forth, and devote your precious free time to doing all of this... you never make money.  If you do absolutely awesome at show, and everyone wants to buy your chins, you might, and I mean might, break even.  But not this person, this person wants cheap, young chins, OH, and note, they'll buy TWO if I get them a good enough price.  Sorry, this isn't a garage sale.

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