Thursday, June 15, 2017

Changing Times May Mean Changing Days...

When scheduling appointments, if I have only one or two appointments per day, I may just ask the person, what time works for them.  Case in point, I had one person who was coming to pick up their chin that I was chin-sitting (yes, that's a thing), and I told them that I would let them know what time I would be home, so they wouldn't show up before I got here.  Logical.

So, that day came, and that morning, I texted them and told them, ok, I will be home by 3, and I asked them, what time, 3:30 or later, would work for them?

They said 3:30 would be fine.

So, 3 pm passes, and a little after 3, I get a text saying they'll be a little late.

3:30 passes.  4 pm passes.  So eventually I send them a text asking what time they're going to be here, because by my definition of "a little late" -- they should have already been here.

About 4:15, I get a text saying that they'll be here at 5, sorry for being late.


Now, I realize, I asked them, what time worked for them, 3:30 or later.  But here's the thing.  I had a 2 pm, and I (originally) had them at 3:30 pm.  I figured, I would go after the 3:30 appointment left, to go pick up a few things I needed.  By the time they'd texted me saying they wouldn't be here til 5, I could have gone, picked up the stuff, and come back, several times in fact.  But since I was waiting for them to get here... and then they said 5 pm at 4:15 (note: that not being enough time to go get the stuff), I was made to wait even longer.

While some part of me would have liked to be all bullheaded and have said, oh that won't work for me... I do realize it's just an inconvenience.  Today, it's not a big deal.  I'll still go pick up what I need, after they leave.  But... sometimes a time change like this really won't work for me.  I've had times (multiple occasions, actually)... where I'll ask someone what time they want to come, and they say 4 pm, and so then I tell someone else, "ok, I have someone coming at 4, so I'll be by your house at 6 pm."  Now... if that was the case today... we would have had to reschedule (the pickup, not my appointment elsewhere).  So, I just ask that you please be aware, that when we schedule your appointment, I am often scheduling other things around that appointment, so if you show up an hour and a half later than what I am expecting... you may affect the rest of my day as well, and depending on the day, you may cause your own appointment to need to be rescheduled.  So, if at all possible, please try to be considerate.  Thank you!

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