Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New-ish Product: Healthy Treat Mix XL

So... the next few days, I'm going to post about some new products that I will be adding onto the webstore upcoming here.

For today... we have the Healthy Treat Mix XL.

You may be familiar with the Healthy Treat Mix, which is a jar of 1+ ounce of each: rosehips, hawthorn berries, and pink rosebuds.  These are our top three herb / treat sellers, and they are popular for people to want to try, so we created the Healthy Treat Mix, which has over an ounce of each.

And it was a hit!  So much so that people wanted to order larger amounts.  While we do have larger amounts of all of these treats available, people wanted larger amounts... while still in the Healthy Treat Mix combo.  So, we'd have some people buying 2-3 Healthy Treat Mixes at once.

Which has led us to come up with the Healthy Treat Mix XL.  It looks like this:

This one is almost double the size!  While we can't quite fit in 6 ounces total, it's something like 5.90-5.95 ounces in these jars, so it's about double the size of the other one (the other one is 3-ish ounces).  Perfect for those of you that wanted more, but still wanted to just get one (now, larger) jar.

And it's $14, so it's actually a bit cheaper (as opposed to $15) than buying two of our smaller Healthy Treat Mix jars.  Enjoy, chinnies!

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