Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sponsor a Chin / Name a Chin -- Donations Post, Part 2

Ever want to donate a different amount than the $10 that's attached to both the sponsorship or name-a chin donations?  We have a regulation donation link on the webstore, here, but also on our donations page, near the top.  See here.  You can donate with either paypal or a debit / credit card, so there's options, and any amount is helpful!

If you're looking to donate something other than money, all sorts of things are helpful.  For example, some useful items you may have around the house:

  • empty toilet paper rolls / paper towel rolls
  • paper towels
  • clorox clean-up
  • simple green
  • white printer paper 
  • white vinegar
  • small animal bedding
  • old towels / clothing (can be ripped! we will use for rags)
  • index cards (we use for cage cards)
  • sharpies
  • ziploc baggies (any size, but quart or gallon are most appreciated)
  • plastic grocery bags 
  • paper grocery bags
  • cages 
  • dish soap 
  • bottle brushes
  • sponges / scrubbies / similar items
  • clean mascara brushes (for cleaning our water bottle tubes)
  • fleece
  • wood toys or toy parts
  • bubble wrap / packing peanuts
  • carriers 
  • laundry detergent (for washing our liners)
  • your time (come volunteer!)
And more.  Anything donated is appreciated, and if we can't use it here for the rescues, we can sell it at one of our garage sales, with the money coming back to the rescue to care for the chins.

If I had to pick one item as the top thing I'd want people to donate, it would be wood toy pieces.  It doesn't even have to be anything expensive, I've seen this item at Walmart and some Tractor Supply stores.. it's usually under $3.  You could even buy a couple at that price!  The reason the wood chews are so appreciated is because if my chew toy supply is dwindling  (and let's be honest, when is that NOT the case?), I will NOT go out and buy chew toys, but rather, I will cut up wood and make chew toys.  So, by donating wood blocks or anything of that sort (could also be hanging toys, toss toys, whatever), you save me a lot of effort because I will use what you donated, and I will not have to take time away from anything else, to make (cut and sand, drill and re-sand) the chew toys for the rescue chins here.

Anything is always appreciated!

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