Saturday, June 24, 2017

Workers.. part 2

So, funny thing.  I believe I posted about this when it happened, so some of you may remember it...

I was stopped in the self-checkout at Walmart a while back, but someone who had chinchillas, and wanted to know about the rescue (I was wearing my rescue hoodie at the time).  So I told them what it was, and all that... and they said they'd like to volunteer, all the time, so I gave them my business card.

Fast forward quite a few months (cause I mean... I had my hoodie on), and I get a text message this past Sunday, and the person says they're the lady from the self checkout.  Ok, cool.

Says she still wants to volunteer (yay), and so I ask when.  She says, oh probably Monday, but she'll have to ask her mom to watch the kids.  So I tell her, ok, ask, and then let me know, either way.

There's a little bit of small talk about chins and she asks, if she falls in love with one, can she adopt one, and I told her about the adoption form and how that all works.  And so then she asked about the price range, so I told her what prices they are.

Never got a text back, about volunteering Monday or about anything of that sort... so... guess she's not coming?

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