Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Busy busy busy!

I don't know where the time's gone!  It seems like it was just the beginning of April and here it is almost the end!  Well, lots has happened.

First, we got in three rescue chinchillas - Willow (beige), Jordyn (std), and Lexi (std).  They are such sweeties.  Jordyn and Lexi are Willow's babies so it's like the whole family is together.  They've been out for playtime several times and really have enjoyed it.  Will definitely have to bring the camera down there for the next time.

Found out from Frito's new home that he broke his leg.  Wonder how that happened, but regardless, poor thing, so we're hoping that he has a quick recovery!

I suppose maybe the most interesting thing that's happened so far this month is we decided to add to our own pet family - 3 guinea pigs!  These are really my mom's g-pigs, but we all know who will be feeding them and all.  They're adorable, though they're still all scared of us.  But they sure know me when I have the leafy greens!  Going to make them a C&C cage when I get some spare time.

Also got in two male chins - Kicomo and Kocomo - at the rescue.  Very sweet chins, already had some of our adoptive homes saying they wanted to "trade in" their chins for these two, haha.  Nice boys, very sweet.  LOVE their flying saucer.

So, we adopted out Foofy (grey male lionhead rabbit), always a good thing.  He was adopted out to one of our previous adoptive homes -- they already have one of our rescue chinchillas, Chi-Chi (previously known as Wildwoman lol).  So I know they'll be a good home and spoil Foofy to death.

So, that brings us about up to speed.  Had a lot of interest in the chins and rescues lately... talking to someone about the female trio, talking to someone else about Moch and Mycha, had a few people call about Cadbury, and as with everything, just waiting to hear back from all of these people!  None of the chins are ready to go right now (Cadbury and the gerbils are the only animals currently ready to go), but I still like for the future-adoptive homes to keep in touch until they actually take their pets home.

Since Foofy was adopted, I was able to clear off part of my work-station table.  Moved Cadbury to Foofy's spot, and the g-pigs to Cadbury's table.  That gives me a little room to work on orders and stuff.

Been trying to organize like nuts over the last day or so.  There are way too many paper-ream boxes down there that weren't labeled, so I went and labeled them all, so no more opening up boxes to see what's in them.

Some of the cages we recently got in with chins have a lot of broken bars, so I've been working on that as well.  One is a Critter Nation and the other is one of those purple/black cages that we sell.  Well, I bought some... I'm not sure what it's called, but it's like liquid steel and hardener that you mix together and it's supposed to be "the best cold weld available" or something of the sort.  So, it's gray, not the color of the cages at all, but if I can fix the bars, at least the purple/black cage can be sold as used, the other one can go with the girls if their new home needs a cage, otherwise it can stay here.  Though, with that one, even if I get all the bars fixed, I may have to attempt to put up shelves and have chins in that cage for a period of time before I let that cage go anywhere, cause I would hate to adopt out chins with a cage and have the whole cage fall apart on the new home.  So we'll have to see how that goes.

Theodore's not doing so hot.  The URI isn't clearing up, and he's sleeping like 24/7.  The vet thinks it may just be his time to go (he is like 3 years old, after all) so we'll see how he does in the next few days.

On a happier note, our other sanctuary rescue, Aries (white dwarf hamster) appears to be doing good.  Had to clean a little gunk out of one of his ears today, but other than that, he's taking his meds good, and still active and definitely chowing down on his treats.  Also gnawing the life out of the gloves I pick him up with, but at least it's the gloves and not my hand!

Been trying to do a better job keeping up with orders lately.  Seems the second I get a batch sent out, I get more.  And I'm not complaining, by any means, but I'm also trying to build things to take with me to the Lake County Pet Expo next month so I can't be selling every last item I make.  I'm going to have to start putting things aside specifically for the expo so that I have stuff made when the time comes.

Been trying to go through the pile of stuff that needs to be washed.  We have a gazillion water bottles and spare this and spare that, and it's like if only I knew what we had... so today I brought up a ton of stuff to wash.  So far got some water bottles, food bowls, the two rabbit litter pans, and some misc. stuff washed, and there's still several of those plastic dust houses, random tupperware-type containers, and who-knows-what-else in that pile.  Several carriers, that's for sure.  Eventually it'll all get washed and the pile will go down to a reasonable size.

Oh, and today, Ghost's new family came over.  They wanted to pick up the supplies so they could get his cage ready and everything all set for him ahead of time.  They're going to come pick him up when they finish remodeling the room that he's going to be in.  So they came over today, and they were over several times before to volunteer and stuff, so today I needed help moving cages and giving one of our chins some medication, so they helped with that, so that was awesome.  Really helped me get those few things done a lot faster than I would have been able to otherwise.  

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