Sunday, April 22, 2012

Patience - not a virtue I have

So, with the rescues we have, since our phone number is on the ads, we often get texts about the pets.  That's fine.  While I can't say that texts have led to a ton of adoptions, they can't hurt.  But sometimes, texts, coupled with my short tolerance for stupid people who don't read, turns out bad. 

Our ads say, "You can email us at or call 219-789-0026 for more information or if you have any questions."  The key there is "for more information."   I do not feel like I should have to regurgitate the ad for you. 

So today... here's how the texting goes:

THEM:  I am interested in your rabbits
ME: Ok.  We only have the one right now, the tri-color female, Cadbury
THEM: Will you send me a picture
ME: *sends picture*
THEM: How much?
ME: Her adoption fee is $20.  She comes with 5 pounds of food, a toss toy, and a booklet rabbit care packet.  If you're interested in her, you will need to read our rabbit care packet and fill out an adoption form.  I can email those to you.
THEM:  Ok.
ME:  So if you let me know your email address I can get those to you.
THEM:  Is she a 4h rabbit?
ME: I have no idea.  She was dropped off at the rescue and the people didn't know much about her background
HER:  Ok, I'll tell it to you tomorrow.

Now, what does that sound like?  Oh yeah, me repeating like 90% of the ad.   In fact, the only thing in the texts that was NOT in the ad was the question about the 4H part.  I have no problem when people text wanting more information.  My gripe is when people see an ad, don't even read the darn thing, and text wanting me to repeat the entire thing.  I have a life, two jobs, and the rescue to run -- I feel like, if these people can't even read the ad for the basic information before they text me wanting to know things NOT COVERED by the ad... well, they're clearly not genuises.

/end rant.

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