Monday, April 23, 2012


I am tired.  With this being my second day off from work in a row (never happens!), I decided I needed to work on some chin stuff.  So, I went downstairs, cut, sanded, glued, and rubberbanded maybe 5 hidey houses.  Cut and sanded another 3 more. 

Got an email mid-day about one of our adoptive homes wanting to bring back two of the three rats they'd adopted.  Apparently when they tried to introduce the rats to the cats (which I will not comment on), two of the rats went ballistic and started biting the owners and all.  So, we have Cody and Jack back at the rescue.  Sweet boys, no bites for me as I set up their cage and gave them food and all. 

Washed a TON of stuff that was in my "wash" pile from the basement.  Starting to be able to see the bottom - there's a large tub there, the drying racks we use for dying wood, like 4 cat carriers, a 10g tank with random crap in it... I could go on.  But I'm getting there! 

Didn't work on mending the cages today, by the time I got the hidey houses done, it was already way too late, but maybe tomorrow.  They seem to be coming along great, we'll just have to see how well the cold weld holds once shelves are actually put in the cage.  That will be the real test.

Almost out of wood, so I'll have to pick up some tomorrow after work, so I can continue to build the hidey houses for the expo and work on toys and stuff as well.  My pile of scrap wood is growing, just gotta take some time to actually cut it down and sand it and make toys and all. 

Packaged up an order for a porthole hidey house back from the 8th (whoops!).  Dunno how I forgot about that one.  Also have a custom order for  hay holder and an order for a value pack, but for the value pack, I'm waiting to hear back which toy the people want.

As for the chins... I had people interested in Moch & Mycha and Willow, Lexi, and Jordyn.... but I haven't heard from either home for about a week now, so I sent them out the week emails saying "if I don't hear from you by such and such" date.  I hope I do hear back, cause both of them seemed like good homes.  I realize not everyone is online 24/7, but I feel like if you're discussing adopting a pet, it would be wise of you to check every so often to see if you have a message about it.  Ah well.  Hopefully I'll hear from one of them.

In the meantime, all the pets are doing fine.  This week we have red romaine and baby carrots, which the g-pigs and the rabbit are devouring.  My dad keeps saying the lettuce is going to go to waste, but if he saw how they eat it, it'll be gone in another day or so.  And it's less than $2 anyway, even if a tiny piece did go bad... course, he would say "well if it was your $2....."  Lol.  But he offers to get it when he goes to get groceries.  And it never goes to waste cause the g-pigs and rabbit are all pigs. 

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