Friday, May 4, 2012

Running around and running around

So I feel like the last few days have been less than productive.  We used to have these chinchilla booklets that we got printed out at my mom's work.  Well, the cooperative that she worked for dissolved, so obviously she no longer had access to the xerox machine that could print out these booklets.  So, went to price them at other printing places. 

Went to Miss Print, was given a quote of $80 for 50 booklets.  Thought that was high and I would check around.  Staples said $243 and Office Depot said $190, though dropped it to a $108 price match when I said that Miss Print would do cheaper.  So I didn't go anywhere, but then the next day, thought, you know, I really need these darn booklets.  And I can't make anything quite the same at home, and they look so much better when professionally done.  So, I go back to Miss Print the following day, and I realize that when I originally gave them the booklets to quote for me, I was missing pages, so I gave them the booklet and the extra two pages and wait... and wait... and wait... and they come back and tell me, oh, so the $80 quote was wrong, it should've been $176!  Ok, so forget that.

So I go back home, thinking I still want these booklets, and I call up Office Depot and I tell them how I talked to this guy who gave me a quote of $108, but I had no proof of that quote, yadda yadda, and I wanted to know if they'd still honor that price.  They said they would work it out and try to get it as close to $108 as possible, they said that was fine, so I went there and dropped off the booklets.  Told them I really didn't need the booklets til the 19th (the day of the pet expo) so no rush, and the guy said he'd call when the were done.

Well, went out with a friend for dinner and I got (but didn't answer) a phone call.  Later at home, listened to the message, the booklets were done, and the cost would be $110+tax.  That's about as affordable as I was gonna get, so then today, I went after work to pick them up.  Saw the guy there who I originally talked to, and we talked about how he originally gave me the quote and I called in the next day asking about them upholding his quote and all that... so he said something about he'd be really nice since I came back... and my final price was some cents short of $100!  AWESOME!

So since that's about $2/booklet, I think I'm going to try to not hand them out like candy to just about anyone.  I mean, the people who adopt will get one, of course, and interested people, but we've had people before that want one for all their friends just to show them... and at some point, because of the cost, I just need to learn to say, it's online, print it off.  Cause before, if I gave out 5 booklets, it was no big deal, but now that's $10 of rescue money going out in booklets, so I'm gonna keep a bit of a tighter hold on them. 

So before the whole Office Depot thing, it was really seeming like I was running around to all of these places and just wasting time, but in the end it all worked out.

So then, yesterday, a bit again of running around and waiting.... Jamie was nice enough to let us use her vehicle to get hay.  So I called our hay people up and they said, yeah, we could come over the next day and get hay.  So we get up and leave at like 10 am, and get there... and wait... and wait... and I'm calling the hay people on their phone and I keep getting a busy signal, so we walk to the front of their house (we had parked the vehicle out back by their barn, ready for loading) and knock on the door, and knock... and ring the doorbell.  And I don't want to be a pest, but they did say that they (well, the wife, anyway) would be home.  So finally, their dogs find us and we go back to the vehicle and are standing there and the wife sticks her head out the back of the house and says she'll be right there.  So, we ended up being able to fit 5 bales of hay in Jamie's vehicle.  Four of them I paid for and Larry and Candice donated the 5th bale to the rescue (bless their hearts) so now we have 250 pounds of hay for the chins, rabbits, g-pigs, and whatever else.  Who wants some hay???  Lol.

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