Saturday, May 5, 2012

People never cease to amaze me

So, I'm sitting at work on my lunch and I get a text... well, here's how the conversation went:

Them:  Is the tail strong on that gerby?  I need a strong tail for the pulling.
Them:  It is not hard, but out I need strong tail to grip.
Me:  I have no idea, I don't pull on her tail.  Anyway, I think I already have someone interested in her that'll be calling me tonight.
Them:  You sure?  I'll pay top dollar for a gerby with a strong tail to grip
Me:  Yeah I'm pretty sure they're going to get her.
Them:  If not let me know on the asap.  I need that little fresh fish for tonite

Um.... all I can say is wtf?  I don't know  bout everyone else, but I don't pull on gerbils' tails, and while using their tail is an alright way to grab them if they're loose, I wouldn't exactly suggest people pulling on their tails.  Like wtf.  So of course, if the other person doesn't call for some reason, there is NO way I'm contacting this person back.  Just creepy.

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