Friday, May 4, 2012

Getting a bit frustrated w. adopting out Cadbury

So, Cadbury's still here.  Which is fine, of course, there's no rush to get rid of rescues, but the people who are emailing me about her are all turning out to be duds.

Had someone email back on the 16th asking if I knew what breed she was and they wanted the adoption form to fill out for her.  Emailed back that I didn't know about the breed, and sent the care info and adoption form.  Never heard back.

Someone else emailed on the 21st wanting to know the adoption process they would go through and how they could get started on that to adopt her.  So I emailed, told them.  They emailed back on the 23rd, asking if I wanted them to fill out the adoption form.  No, I sent it to them for shits and giggles.  I told them, yes, fill it out and get it back to me (which I always state in the email where I actually attach it) and they asked something about setting up a time to come see her.  So I emailed them back saying yes, please fill it out, and giving them times... never heard back.

So then I get another email on the 27th, which seems promising.  Someone who already had a female rabbit and wanted to get another and wanted to know how Caddy would do with other rabbits.  Told her that we once had her out in a playpen next to a playpen with another female, and she did fine, but we'd never actually had her out with another rabbit.  But I told the person that they could bring over their rabbit and see how their rabbit did with ours, and all that.  So they asked for the care info and adoption form, sent those to them, and so for the next few days we talk.  So then we're talking about them coming over with their rabbit, and they fall off the face of the earth.

But in the meantime, on the 29th, I got an email from someone else asking if Caddy was still up for adoption, and I told them, well, I think I have someone interested and they said to let them know if that person backed out.  So, after I didn't hear from the previous person for several days, I emailed both this person and that previous person saying something along the lines of, I would appreciate if you would let me know, either way, if you're interested or not in the rabbit.  Haven't heard back from either one.

Now, this often happens with a lot of rescues that we get in, people interested flake out all the time.  Nothing new.  But it just seems like it's starting to be a ridiculous amount of people for this one rabbit.  So now, well, I guess there's no one currently interested unless I hear back from one of these people, but that doesn't seem too promising at the moment.  The people who really want the pet tend to respond pretty quickly and don't just wait weeks on end to get back to me.  Ah well.

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