Sunday, May 27, 2012

Today (cont.)

Before I come across sounding like a heartless bitch in regards to the person wanting/not wanting Ember and her kit - I do acknowledge that something may have come up which would prevent her from adopting chinchillas.  I understand that.  Chinchillas are not at the top of everyone's priority list the way they are on mine.  I get that.  No problem.

My problem lies in the fact that people can't even have the common courtesy to say, "you know what? I can't get the chinchilla anymore."  In all honesty, I don't even care WHY people can't get them anymore, if they would just TELL ME.  It's not even like these people have to face me, 99.5% of adoptive homes contact me through emails, so all they gotta do is send me an email or a facebook message saying that they can't adopt anymore.  And some do, don't get me wrong.  And you know what I do when they do that?  I don't yell and scream and tell them how they've wasted my time.  I would never do that.  No, I tell them that I appreciate them letting me know so that I don't waste any time trying to find another home for the chins.  Cause when this kind of thing happens, it's the chins who suffer.  Ember and her baby could have already been on hold and ready to be adopted out to another family... had this person simply said that they couldn't/didn't-want-to adopt them anymore.  Simple as that.  Not like the chins are in any danger or are hurt by being here longer, but I would rather them be in an adoptive home than at the rescue.  That's all.  And all it takes is a few simple words.  I don't know if people are scared or what, but nothing's going to happen to them if they would simply tell me they don't want the chins anymore. 

Here's the best part - these people are on my list for (I believe) a white baby?  Sorry, but if they can't be bothered to contact me back about Ember and her baby... they're coming off my list.  There's no point to have people on my waiting list for a baby if I can't get ahold of them and if they can't have the common courtesy to email me back.  I treat others as I would like to be treated, but there comes a point when I start treating people as they treat me. 

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