Monday, May 28, 2012

Long day, seemingly not much accomplished

So... due to the fact that I had a paper due in my night class, even though I was up since 9 am and today was a day off.... I really didn't get much done. 

Cleaned up a bit, organized the disaster area that I call the chin area.  Our "to be washed" pile has grown exponentially, so I brought a bit of it upstairs to clean, and washed a few sinkfuls of that stuff.  Cleaned, put shelves in, and took pictures of three cages.  Didn't get them posted, but got them close enough.

Cut the wood for a customer order, then realized... they wanted 3 shelves and I only bought enough wood for 2.  It was a custom order - I have a ton of 8" wood here, but they wanted 11" wide.  So I told them their order still wasn't done, they told me that the last piece could just be the 8" wood, so now their order is all packaged up, and they paid for it, so it can hopefully go out tomorrow. 

Balanced the chin account.

Sewed up some hammocks, and went digging through my fabric.  Found some smaller scraps of fabric that could be turned into either off-size hammocks or cuddlebuddies.  Was able to make a nice leopard print cuddlebuddy, a good size one, that we will be keeping.  Made a lime green one too, and have two smaller ones (lime green and mint green) that I could make, but I didn't feel like stuffing any more cuddlebuddies tonight.  Also had enough fabric left of the multicolor houndstooth to make a very very off-size hammock in that pattern.  Ooh and found a very very offsize inner-hearts hammock.  So those will be listed soon, along with the cuddlebuddies. 

I think I'm also going to make up some hammocks that aren't chin-safe, like for when we adopt out rats and stuff.  So in case those people want a hammock, they can get one of the other ones if they want.  Cause we have a ton of fabric donated that's not chin safe, and I really can't do anything with it, but it'd be good for like rat people and for other critters that tend to destroy the hammocks really quickly regardless of what they're made of.

Intended to buy rat food today -- never left the house, so that clearly never happened (they're not starving, don't worry, I just want to make up a batch). 

Right now... I have a large chin cage waiting for shelves, another cage with the pan soaking in vinegar... there's several more cages that will be up for sale as well, but ones that cannot be cleaned downstairs, like they will NEED to be taken upstairs and outside to be powerwashed and scrubbed down.  But for the moment I'm doing ok with cleaning the cages indoors.  Most of them that we're selling have already been scrubbed down/powerwashed outdoors and are now just dusty and maybe have some cobwebs, so they're not too bad, the most some need is for the pans to get a good scrub down with vinegar and cleaner.  It's looking a little better downstairs in the spare-cage-area.  I'm surprised my dad hasn't had a cow that there are two FN's with all the pieces sprawled out in this one area downstairs, but I just don't have anywhere to move them until I finish taking pictures of some of the cages.  That's for another day though.  Still waiting to hear back to see if the original FN owners found the rest of the pieces of them.  If not... they probably were not worth what I paid.  But ah well, I have them now, whatcha gonna do? 

To put shelves in one of the cages, I used the shelves I had cut for the one customers' cage.  So now, he emailed me asking about paying by card, and that's fine, and so tomorrow I'll need to re-cut his shelves.  No big deal, I'll just have to do it.  And I have someone coming tomorrow to bring their adoption form and put down a deposit on Sparkle, after I get home from work.  Busy busy.

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