Monday, May 28, 2012


Well, I don't know if I posted about this or not, but the other day I saw a picture of a chin on facebook with someone saying they wanted that chin.  It was a picture of one of our TOV Ebony chins (since has been adopted out) Pash.  Well, of course I had to ask if they'd seen that chin for sale somewhere, because if they did....well, our adoption contract states that adoptive homes will return the chins to us before they find the chin another home... and so if it was Pash, the adoptive home didn't do so. 

So... I fished out the email of the adoptive home, and emailed them.  Probably sounded  like a loon, but I told them, you know, just wanted to check if you still have the chin, cause her pictures are up on this other site.....Got an email back today - they still have her. 

So, I nicely emailed the person with the website using my pictures that I didn't appreciate that they were doing so, AND that I felt they were misrepresenting the chin to the public, as our Pash was a 7 year old chin, and the chin they were using the pictures for was a 4 month old baby.  Look the same?  Highly doubt it. 

I'm sure I won't hear a response, but I will be checking back to see if those pictures are still up there.  Nothing I can really "do," but at least I expressed my displeasure at them using my pictures.

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