Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Catching up....

So, went to the pet expo.  That was fun, set up the day before with my dad, and then had Jenny drive over to our house the morning of, for the last few things.  Unfortunately, it became clear that morning that our 2nd chin ever, Moki, wasn't going to make it.  We had to leave her and go to the pet expo, which I thought was a good experience for us.  We got to meet a lot of other rescues and some great people, and we even entered Kailey (our sheltie) in the tricks contest and she won!  So it was a good day.

Came home to find that Moki had passed.  So, knowing that Munster Animal Hospital wasn't open that late and I wouldn't be able to take her until Tuesday, she was packaged up and went in the freezer.  So, fast forward to today, and I call up MAH and they say that a cremation will be $168.  Now I knew that my one friend had a chin cremated there last month and it was considerably less, so I called around... got some numbers as low as $120, some as high as $334.  Settled on a place -- the Burns Funeral Home on Broadway has a Pet Crematory out back - private cremation for $125.  Highland AH was $120, but that was just with a partitioned cremation -- $125 was a completely private one at Burns, so that's where we went.  Dropped her off there, they said I can pick her up Monday/Tuesday when I'll be in the area.

Came home and had to take Jessie to the vet.  Went to Munster, because it was an eye issue and she wasn't losing any weight, so no worries for teeth problems.  Saw Dr. Foster, same Dr. who saw Fuzzy alll those years back.  He looked at her, said her conjunctivi (?) looked good so he wasn't so sure about an eye infection, though she might have a URI.  But he said we could try the eye drops for a few days and if that doesn't work, we'll move onto an antibiotic, but he said he didn't want to start with that because he knows how it can stop their eating and mess up digestion and all.  So we started her on eye drops, cleaned her cage out, put her actually in a different one so she's not literally next to any other chins or anything, and we'll see how she does for the next 5 days.  If no improvement, she goes back. 

Other than that... we had called up someone on our waiting list about having a chin that they wanted, and so they came over today and put down a deposit on the chin.  Seemed real nice, had a few things wrong about chin care, but they got our booklet which talked about chin care and I gave them our adoption form, so they're going to fill that out and mail it back to us before the time comes for them to take their chin home.

Also had a drop off today - a BV chin named Lilly and two rats - Princess and... well I'd have to look.  Lilly was matted so I took some time to pull out the matts... already got bit.  Which they did tell me that she bit, but do I listen?  Not so much.  But I think I got all the matts out!  Always a positive.  The rats seem really friendly so we'll have to see how all that goes.

With this dropoff, it was just the chin and the rats, no supplies, no food, no nothing.  Which is fine, it simply prompted me to ask what they've been feeding.  So, for the chin, she'd been given the food with the dried fruit and dried treats and all that, and the owner said she would not eat the food that's just the pellets.  Well... she's going to here or else she's gonna die of starvation.  I filled up her bowl of pellets and gave her some hay.  At first, I saw this muushy poo and I was like uh-oh... but then later in the day I saw lots of little chin-poos in the cage.  So she will be monitored to see how she does, hopefully well.

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