Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FN yet again

So... those FN's that seemed like such an awesome deal?  seeming less so as the days go by.

Today I decided I was going to clean everything and separate everything out into 2 piles, so I started on that.  Turns out, on one of the side panels, a screw was clearly broken off while in the panel.  So there's no screw head or anything, but there is this piece sticking out from where there should be an entire screw... and it's not large enough for my normally-trusty-pliers to grip and get it out.  May have to splurge for those vice grips I keep putting off buying and see if that helps.

Ok, so got all those clean, then moved on to the bottom parts, like the stuff that connects below the actual cages.  Now, I had noted that some of these pieces were still attached together, but I didn't think anything of it before, I just thought, oh well they're not big pieces, so they were left together.  WRONG.  So the screws are SO stripped that I was only able to undo one of them.  Went to several "get out stripped screws" websites and the one tip which actually might not be bad is the one saying find a huge flathead to try to use to get the screws out.  Will try that next (some other day).  Another tip was to find a nut just slightly bigger than the screwhead, cold-weld it on, and when it's dry, socket wrench the whole thing out.  Now that just might work, and I already have the cold-weld.  But... since I don't have the nuts and don't intend to go to the store for that, I think I'll try the flathead first...  but oy.  It's like maybe 4-5 screws that are stuck. 

And I HOPE I have all of the connector pieces, I didn't clean or count those yet.  But I do have all the cage pieces (though, if I can't get that one broken screw out, I'm going to have to order another side panel, ugh).  So just missing four grids (two regular, two cut-out) and the circular caster holder plastic pieces. 

Emailed midwest today about this, we'll see what they say.

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