Saturday, May 5, 2012

Phone calls

Was thinking about this after I got home.  I had two people leave voicemails, one last night at 10 pm, the other today while I was at work.  I called both back, left messages. 

Heard back from the guy who called about Cadbury.  So he calls and says, "did you just call me?" and I was like yeah, and he said, "ok, why'd you call?"  I hate to sound like an ass, but I told him that I did leave him a message, and had he listened to it, he would have known I was the person he called about Cadbury.  Anyway, so he if it was right that she wasn't potty trained.  Yes, it says RIGHT in the ad, she is not potty trained.  That means... she's not potty trained.  Boy, rocket scientists that I get on the phone.  So then he asks, can you potty train her?  And I told him, you know, we tried to potty train her, she would pee in the litter pan for a bit, but then move it or pee outside of it or whatever, and for us, it wasn't working.  I did tell him that sometimes if people have more time to spend with the pet, they might have better luck, versus me, whereas we have a lot of pets so I can't devote 20 hours a week to getting a rabbit potty trained.  So he asks about our location and address, and I tell him that we run the rescue out of our house so if he wants to come see her he needs to make an appointment.  So he said he'd talk it over with *mumble mumble* and he'd call me back.  Have to say I don't think I'll be hearing back.

But in all reality, lets think about this.  If you read on an ad that something isn't potty trained, don't you just assume ok, not potty trained.  Not, oh, let me call and ask if what the ad says is actually correct, and then, when it's confirmed that the ad is correct, ask if there's something that could be done to potty train the rabbit.  It's not like I don't try.  That's why it says right in the ad that she's not potty trained - so that people who are looking for a potty trained rabbit don't give me a call just to ask if she's potty trained.

Ah well.  Anyway, the point about phone calls is that this was a rare one.  Usually what happens is that out of every 10 calls we get, I call all 10 back, usually twice per call (on consecutive days), and maybe 2 out of the 10 return my call.  And often, those two have already found pets elsewhere cause they couldn't be bothered to wait the 5 hours for me to return their call.  Not like impulse buyers would actually read our care packet or fill out our forms anyway, but I find it aggravating because I take the time to call people and to answer their questions on the voicemail I leave them (if they ask questions) and 95% of them can't be bothered to give me a buzz back to say that they decided against it, or whatever the case may be.

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