Monday, May 7, 2012

Seemingly got a lot done.....

So, yesterday.  Decided we need to "go back to basics" and that we have altogether too many critters and cages.  Like I have cages coming out of my ears and with the addition of the three resident guinea pigs, now it's like pets galore again.  So, a few of our resident chins are likely going to be put up for adoption, and we're going to sell some of the used cages. 

So, on that note, I took two of the used cages, sanded down the wood ledges, washed the cages, and prepped them for sale.  Started work on the Marshall Mansion, those ledges really need some work, but there's so much wood in the cage, it'd take a LOT to replace it.  So, I scrubbed everything down with peroxide, and I'll probably have to do it again, once I go down there and see how it looks now that it's dried and all.  Probably will scrub it again and then give the whole cage a once-over and get it all ready for sale as well. 

I think we have several cages that are "empty" and can have new shelves put in them, but for the few that we have that have been used by US, no sense in replacing the shelves when a little sanding and maybe some peroxide-ing and they look pretty much brand new.  Or at least, brand-new in the sense of brand-new-and-chewed-on-for-a-week anyway.  Bought a ton of wood yesterday so I'll be able to continue with the hidey houses and the shelves... tomorrow, as it's late today.

So, that lady that I had interested in the gerbil... she was supposed to call a few days ago, to fill out the form over the phone and never called.  So I emailed yesterday? and asked what happened, if she was still interested.  Well, surprise surprise, she said something about it being a bad weekend and she's going to have to wait and not get the gerbil at this time.  Now, not to judge, but how difficult is it to care for a $5 gerbil?  I feel like some people just come up with excuses, but I don't know her situation, so maybe something did come up.

With that guy interested in Cadbury... yeah, needless to say, I did not receive a call back, so, yet again, her potty training issues are keeping her from being adopted.  I wish she would potty train.  But she just wants to pee outside the litter box and I'm no rabbit expert so she's out-witting me on the litter box training.

But on a more positive note (if you consider getting in rescues positive - I do, they're usually coming to get out of a less-than-ideal situation), I got a call and email (covering all her bases - I like!) from someone today while I was at my night class.  My phone had long since died (too many games during class, I know, I know) so I completely missed the call, and then by the time I got home it was after 10, so I didn't call her back but I emailed her back saying that we could take in the chin and asked if she could bring it here.  She had said she was in Whiting, and a lot of times, people will say where they are when they need me to drive out and come get the stuff - well, she said she's going to come and drop off the chin Wednesday, after I get home from the doctor's, so she wants me to call.  So I have it down in my planner to call her when I get home from the doctor's. 

Well, gonna check on the chins and see how everyone's doing, give everyone some pets and scritches and of course food and water, and gonna call it a night.  School nights are always the nights I feel like I should do more, but I'm out of the house from 7 am - 10:30 pm, so it's the one night a week they don't get my undivided attention for several hours.  But tomorrow I'll have a decent chunk of the night to devote to them so it'll make up for it.

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