Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Note from Adoptive Home

So, for all adoptive homes, I usually give them a few days after adopting and then contact them (usually email) asking how the animal's doing, settling in, etc.  A hope-all-is-going-well type of thing.

Well, I just wanted to share this one email we got back from Cadbury's adoptive home.  A little background on Cadbury, in case I don't have it in here.  In her last few days here, Cadbury was living in one of our opened playpens with a farm-animal feed pan as a litter pan.  So, it was basically a 15" round litter pan that was definitely "her size."  She apparently approved considerably more of her playpen and litter pan, than she did of her prior cage, because she actually started using her litter pan, stopped stomping her back feet at us, and seemed much more content.  I was contacted by a family on about the 3rd day she was in the pen, but had I had more time, I was going to update the ads to say that she seemed like she'd have been a good house rabbit, and that that's the type of home she should go to (as they'd likely have the most luck keeping her litter trained and happy). 

Well, we had a family come over to look at her, and I explained over the phone that she was litter trained (it came up, as it always did)... but that we'd tried a large cage, probably one of the bigger rabbit ones on the market, and she just refused to be trained in the cage... but went on to tell them that we'd had her in a pen for the last few days, and since putting her in the pan with the XL litter box, she was trained from day 1.  Like she knew how, but was just being a stinker, and apparently wanted me to realize the "house rabbit" thing.  So they came over, saw her, saw how our setup was, and decided they wanted to adopt her.  They said they were going to build a small pen so she could stay in one of their walk-in closets.  So all was said and done, they filled out the paperwork, and she went home with them that day (which just proves that the adoption process doesn't have to take forever, because they even filled out the adoption form while at the rescue -- the delay is usually the result of the adoptive home, not delay on the rescue end).

Anyway, here's the email I got today:

oh my gosh, she is so wonderful, we don't keep her locked up unless we leave to go somewhere, she will go to her litter box, and she refuses to be anywhere in the house alone. if my daughter take a shower or bath cadbury is there, she likes to sit on the couch, and be held, she likes to sleep with my daughter, she talks to us, and if we overlook her, she thumps her back feet. she gives kisses, we will send pics soon. we will keep in touch, going to save your info.

I'm glad she went to that home.  It sounds like they have her as a full house rabbit and only pen her up when they're gone, so I'm sure she is just loving it there!  So happy she found such a great home!

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