Saturday, May 26, 2012

good day...mostly

So, had someone come and put down a deposit on the other of our babies, so now both of Dreamz's babies have deposits on them. 

Still haven't heard from the person who was supposed to be sending their deposit and adoption form for Ember's kit.  I sent her an email and a facebook message a few days ago, but I haven't actually "heard" from her since the 11th, which is when she said she sent a check and the adoption form.  Well, if she did, I have not received it... and granted, if she really did send it, you think she would be starting to panic right about now that I haven't received a $100 check.  It doesn't take 15 days for a check to go from NE Indiana to NW Indiana.  This may be another case where she decided she doesn't want to adopt, but doesn't want to actually say it.  Now, maybe it's just me, but I'd just buck up and say, you know what, I changed my mind.  But that seems so difficult for people!  They just figure, if they ignore emails long enough, eventually I'll stop bugging them.  Which I do... usually (per policy), they get a week + 2 days.  Since this has been going on long enough with this specific person, I told them (in the message today) that if I don't hear from them by the 30th, the chins are going back up for adoption.  I can't wait forever and these chins could already be on hold for another good home if she's not intending to get them.

But on another positive note... yesterday I had received a call from Auburn asking about Nike.  Now, Auburn is 2.5 hours away, and while some people will make the drive, the majority of calls we get from more than 30 minutes away never actually make it here.  But today, got a call back saying they will make the drive!  So, been going back and forth with emails with them about supplies and such and they're coming tomorrow to see/adopt Nike! 

Also had someone email earlier about Annabelle.  Yesterday I believe.  They wanted to know when she'd be ready, if I could email them when she'd be ready.  I said I didn't know when that'd be, but that if they wanted to wait, I suggested a deposit.  Well, of course they pointed out that there's a tentative ready date on my website for her.  Yes, there is, but all that is is the date 30 days out from the day she came in.  Annabelle is very skinny and her poos are maybe 1/5 the size of regular chin poos.  She's now on a quality diet and is active and doing well, but she's got a ways to go before she will be adoptable.  That 30 day date?  Not likely.  The interested person also expressed interest in Willow and her girls, so I told her that they're already ready to go home, so if she wants to adopt now, she could take them home much sooner.  I almost forgot to send her the care packet and adoption form, so I just went and did so, so we'll see if she ends up adopting some chins. 

Lilly (our std. ped. fem.) still looks like she's going to pop.  She was 950g at last weigh in, here's hoping she's close to the end of her pregnancy.

Lilly (bv rescue) is definitely looking better.  The soft poos have cleared up with some TLC (i.e. good pellets, hay, no junk).  According to her previous home, she would only eat the food with the treats, and wouldn't touch the food with just the pellets.  Well, wouldn't you know it, we only give her the pelleted food here, and I guess she must be eating it (they typically will when they get hungry enough -- and there always is hay in the cage), cause there's poos in the cage!  And her poos aren't bad.  Not as nice size as I'd like, but not nearly as bad as Annabelle's, and they are solid, so we have progress!  

Overall, a good day.

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