Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Goings on

So, today we had some people come over and put down a deposit on Sparkle.  I told them I'd check to see when she'd be ready - turns out it's only like a little over a week from now.  So in reality, I suppose that deposit wasn't necessary.  Ah well.  But anyway, they did that, and Sparkle's holding her weight (just weighed all the chins today) and so I'm sure she'll be ready to go in a week, so we'll be all set for her to go to her new home soon.

And then, Annabelle... I posted on my fb page the other day that her poos are looking better... they are looking significantly better.  She is such a light chin, she's only around 400-450 grams.  I want to say she was 415 when she was brought in, and you pick her up and it's like you're holding air.  Like I'm used to my 600-800 gram chins, so you pick her up and it's like nothing.  Well, in the time she's been here, she's gained!  She's now up to around 450 grams!  Yay for Annabelle!  Still skin and bones, but getting there.  She just needs to stay on a good pellet and time for her to fill out and she'll be just fine.  Poor thing.

Lilly's (the bv rescue) poos have also solidified, no more loose poos for her.  Again, just a matter of getting her on a quality pellet and she's fine.  No junk like what she was fed at the previous home.

Lilly (our standard grey breeding female) is now up to 968 grams!  Holy cow she is ROUND.  Any day now, I'd think.

Well, I never did hear back from the lady that was interested in Ember and her kit.  In the end, I'd sent her messages on fb and emailed her and everything, and I guess it was too much for her to simply email me back and say, you know what, I changed my mind.  So now they're up for adoption.

Oh!  And the website that had been using Pash's pics - I never did receive an email back (like I thought I wouldn't - really, is there any common courtesy anymore?) but I checked the website today, and they did take down the pics.  And that's really the goal, so I'm happy with that.

Tallie... our white eb female that was adopted out recently - is going to be coming back.  Her to-be cagemate has now made it clear that she doesn't want Tallie in her life, so Tallie will be coming back to the rescue.

OH!  So for those FN's - got an email today that the lady can't find any of the missing parts.  Said she would check again though, and I have my fingers crossed.  I would really like if she found them versus me having to order them.

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