Friday, May 11, 2012

last few days

So yesterday was an eventful day (5/10).  One of our adoptive homes was coming over with her son to pick up their on-hold chinchilla, now that they'd finished his cage and renovated the room he was going to be in.  With her, she was bringing someone interested in adopting Cody and Jack (the rats), as well as her neighbor looking to adopt a chinchilla.  So, we had quite a few people downstairs all at once.

On top of that, before that group ever showed up, I received a call from someone interested in Cadbury.  So I called them back and we talked and they sounded like a good home.  Wanted to come that day to pay for her, saying that way the daughter (grown daughter) would know they were really getting the rabbit.  Well, through discussion and talking, they decided to actually take Cadbury home that day, so they filled out all the forms and everything and now have themselves a new bunny! 

And of course, they showed up just a few minutes after everyone else, so the basement was a bit of a chaos area down there.  Well, Jamie and Robbie filled out the rest of their paperwork and got to take Ghost home.

And then the other adoptive family liked the rats so they took them home.

Unfortunately, I heard today that Cody may already have an ear infection.  I think maybe he got it from his bath - we gave the rats a bath before they left, they appeared to be stained from something - maybe got water in his ear.  Hopefully he'll be ok, I emailed his owner and told her I was sorry for adopting out a not 100% rat - we always make sure our animals are 100% before adopting them out, and it must have just been that his bath was so close to his adoption time that he didn't have any major symptoms before he left.  Well, I told her I would pay for her vet bills so hopefully everything will get taken care of and he'll return to his healthy self soon.

So then moving onto today, I got an email from someone interested in Darth (the gerbil).  They filled out the forms and all and sound like they'll be a good home.  So they're coming tomorrow to bring their new family member home.  They're driving all the way from LaPorte, IN, to adopt this little $5 gerbil.  They sound awesome.  They're going to name her Holly (I didn't have her name on her ads, cause people aren't always the brightest and might be confused by a female gerbil named Darth).

So then Randy came today for more hay.  My dog's clearly getting used to him being around every so often cause she barks but not so much and she lets him pet her.  Well anyway, I'd been having difficulty finding a place to sell me coroplast for the guinea pig cage and so I asked him if he could give me the name of the place he gets his, and he said he will, so hopefully soon we will be on our way to guinea pig cage heaven.  And Randy donated $3 to the rescue.  Thanks Randy! 

My dad found me a sales order book (like with the carbon copies) for me to take to the expo, so we will be taking that.  That saves me a few bucks not having to pay for that. 

So it's been a good couple of days at the rescue. 

As for our other chins, Nike is now on hold, waiting to go to his new home.  Tallie is on hold (well, she has been, but now the guy actually got us our adoption form back, and was approved).  And yet, we still have our problems with the guy interested in Moch and Mycha.  Said on Monday he would send a deposit.  Now, he's in Illinois, but up by Chicago (not that far away), and I have yet to see that deposit.... so come Monday, I will be calling him to check on what's going on.  My mom has said - and I feel like this may be the case - that this guy isn't going to end up getting them.  It seems like every time he sets a date or says he's gonna do something, he doesn't.  He was supposed to come one day last week to pick them up and he texted me about an hour before and said he didn't have the $150... er, he did, but he had just paid rent and bills and stuff and if he paid the $150 then he wouldn't have any money left for the next two weeks.  Understandable, I've been there before.  But he said he did want them, so I told him, send a $50 deposit and I can hold them for you until you have the rest of the money.  So he said he would put in the mail tomorrow (which would have been this past Tuesday) and I told him I'd let him know when I got it.  Well, I'll give him til Monday night (to check it doesn't get here in Monday's mail) and if the mail comes and no deposit.... we're gonna have a talk.  When this all started, I told him I didn't want this to turn into one of the cases where he keeps pushing it back and pushing it back, and he assured me, he would never do that.  Uh-huh.  Cause that's what it's turning into.  In the end, we will just have to wait and see, but this guy seems to be one excuse after another.  While they may be legitimate reasons for not coming and picking up the chins, not showing up, that's fine, but in the end it's still pushing it back.  So we will see.

Let's see.  I was contacted by someone wanting help rehoming their gerbils today.  They wanted a rehoming fee, so I suggested that we could list them on our site and other sites, but since we don't pay for rescues, we wouldn't be taking them in.  So they said that was fine and so we listed them on the various places we list our pets. 

I also got Kicomo and Kocomo listed on our website, but I need to get some pics of them before I start posting elsewhere.  Meant to get the girls (Willow, Jordyn, and Lexi) posted up on the site as well, but that hasn't happened yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  It's been a busy couple days.

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