Sunday, May 27, 2012


So, I got an email back from the people with the FN's, saying when they get back from their vacation (or something like that) they will double check their storage to see if they have the missing FN pieces.  Fingers crossed that they find something.

On a related note, I pulled out several more cages, decided which are keepers/sellers, and cleaned out 3 as best I could without a vacuum or hose (one day I will live in my own house and won't have to be quiet late at night).  All three need some shelves made, so that'll be tomorrow, and then I'll have some more cages to list on our used cages for sale page.

Then... well, let's say I've finally decided I won't be hearing back from the person who wanted Ember and her baby, but since I did tell her the 30th, I won't sell the chins before then.  But, I did take pics of the two of them and wrote up an ad for the two of them and will be posting the ad and the pics today (with the note they can't go home until the 1st, on the odd chance this person gets back to me).  However, I really doubt it, considering this person has posted on their facebook in the last 11 hours, yet has not responded to any emails or anything since the 11th, and clearly has lied about sending out a deposit and adoption form (or else, should be contacting me panicked to death about where her $100 check went any second now).  So they're getting listed.

...and that's about it for today.

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