Friday, May 4, 2012

Somewhat productive day

So, got a decent amount done today.  Weighed all the chins and other critters, fed and watered everyone (well, that's everyday), gave everyone hay....

Built another hidey house and a half for the expo.  The half is cause I still need to work on the roof (it's two pieces) and it's too late to run the saw again.  So that'll get finished tomorrow. 

Also, built a chinny mobile.  Once it's dry, I will finally be able to mock-package-up this potential order and give a potential customer a total with shipping.  And if they don't want it, hey, I'll have more stuff ready for the expo. 

Re-built the custom hay cube holder that someone's been wanting.  Built it a few days ago... realized that while the outside dimensions were what they wanted.... the inside dimensions were probably more along the size they had quoted me.  So... rebuilt that today.  It's drying.

Used the cold weld on the CN and one of our black/purple cages.  Finally think I got all the broken bars on both.  Once I'm positive on that, those cages are getting fixed up - the CN to use, the other for sale.  Need to dig through all our spare cages as well and see about selling other cages.  We have somehow accumulated a million of em, and now I can actually pick and choose to keep the favorite cages and get rid of the ones that work, but I could live without.  And that's going to be a LOT of cages.

Got an email from someone interested in the gerbil - yay!  They didn't have internet at home, only on their phone, so they are going to call me tomorrow with the info for the adoption form (so they don't have to type it all out on their phone).  Hopefully they'll call, they sounded like a promising home for Darth. 

Then, got a call at like 10 pm (didn't answer it - calls 10 pm and later aren't answered cause I don't want people to start calling at all hours) - some guy interested in Cadbury wanting to ask some questions.  So, I will call him back tomorrow.

And, tomorrow, we're supposed to have Moch and Mycha go home, if their to-be-owner shows up.  They've been less than on-cue when they say they will call, they typically don't call, and I have to call them and remind them... so my mom's convinced that they're not going to show up tomorrow to come get the chins.  I honestly don't know.  I mean, I do think that if someone really wants a pet, they will make an effort to come and get it, but at the same time, I understand that people's lives don't revolve around chins.  So we'll see.  If he doesn't show up, I will be calling him yet again, and trying to set up a different day....

So then, what else... I sanded down some of the circular perches - I have a whole bag of circular perches and the smaller circular cutouts that need to be rasp'd - got a few of those done.  Also, made shelves with poop-guards for the cage we're going to be taking with us to the expo.  Attached those shelves to the cage.  Still need to make one smaller step-up shelf for the hammock.  I'd usually use a circular perch, but since we have to keep our area clean (and clean up after the expo), it's going to be more of a rounded perch with a flat backside so I can attach a poo-guard.  So, will do that, and will find a hammock to put in the cage tomorrow.

Also, cut the wood to size for three more hidey houses.  Still need to drill the holes, sand/rasp everything, and put em together, but piece by piece I'm getting there. 

Will have to figure out what toys I will be taking to the expo.  Probably 3 of each, like the same with the hidey houses.

Still deciding whether I will be making chinny mobiles and chinny motorhomes for the expo.  Not like they take a ton of time, but it seems I hardly have time for anything anymore, so we'll see.

Well, that may just be it.  Decent amount got done, but there's always more to do.  So, we'll see how tomorrow goes!

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