Friday, April 6, 2012

Quick update from the last few days

So the last few days, I felt like I was swamped with chin orders.  Not that I don't love ya all, but man, people sure know how to all email me the same day wanting tons of stuff.... and then email me the next day asking if it was shipped out yet.  Uh... not quite.  But today, I did ship out quite a few packages. 

Waiting to hear back on several shipping quotes.  I hate giving out shipping quotes, in a way, because I'd almost rather have the person tell me how much they are willing to pay for shipping.  For example, I had someone want to know shipping for two 12" shelves, a circular perch, and a cottage hidey house.  I believe I quoted them like $13 for shipping, as the box is like 8 lbs or so.  Well, it's only been a day or so, so not long... but a lot of people will simply never email back if the shipping isn't to their liking.  I'd rather have someone be like, ok well I only want this if it's going to cost me $5 to ship, cause then I don't have to go through the hassle of getting everything together, getting a box, weighing it, and so on and so forth. 

Like the other day, I had someone email wanting to know why our cages aren't on the webstore.  The short answer is because the webstore makes me set a flat rate shipping price for everything.  So if I charge $10 shipping and you're in California.... I may lose like $10 when shipping is actually $20.  Not to mention, the cages are heavy.  So it turns out, she's interested in the large cage with shelves, and she's... across the country.  So, to weigh this, I need to actually cut the shelves, baggie up the hardware (since that add significantly to the weight), throw that in the cage box and put it all on the scale.  And well, it might just weigh enough that I might have to hop on the scale with and without the box to see the weight.  And in the end... she may decide she doesn't want it cause shipping's too much.  Which is fine, but a lot of times, if people were to tell me they will only pay if shipping is under "x", well, by now I have an idea how much certain things cost to ship, so I could tell them from the start, hey, just not gonna happen.

Ok, but onto good things.  First, things first, Buttons went home!  Buttons was our long haired black female lionhead rabbit.  She went to the sweetest lady who's dad had built her rabbit condos.  She was saying she liked our male too (separately, of course, she had two rabbits once, and two rabbit condos), so I have my fingers crossed that she may come back for him.

Picture of Buttons and her new "mom," Karen:

2nd good thing - Gigi went home!  Her previous home gave her cage with her for her new home, and per the new home's instructions, we revamped her cage (a 1-story FN) so that it had more shelves and more chew-things for Gigi.  Just today I emailed Gigi's new mom the email/phone of the previous home, and vice versa.  With Gigi, the adoption was dependent on the fact that the new home had to keep in touch somewhat with the previous home.  That's becoming more common (at least here) than it once was (that people want that).  Maybe people just didn't think to ask for it before.  But anyway, here's a pic of Gigi with her new family members Zach and Jennifer:

And a picture of Gigi's revised cage with some shelving, one of our hidey houses, some hanging chew toys, and one of our hammocks:

And last good thing, Daisy and Delilah went to a great home!  Daisy and Delilah were some of the chins brought in by a girl with some medical problems.  Their cagemates, Kona and Pompeii, already found a home and now it was these girls' turn.  I'm sure they will be cared for very well.  Here they are with their new family members, (from left to right), Jeremy, Robert, and Layla (Daisy on left, Delilah on right).

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