Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Had someone email about Buttons - it went to my junk mail folder of course.  But the actual junk mail?  Nope, that's in my inbox.  Makes perfect sense.  Anyway, they said they'd had dwarf rabbits before and missed them, so they were thinking Buttons would be great for them, so I was all set to email them back with the rabbit care packet and the rabbit adoption form... til I realized I didn't HAVE either of them.  Makes me wonder what I had the people fill out when we adopted out Felix last year.

*mom in background, looking over shoulder* - "You just talked with them on the phone for the longest time, you didn't have them fill out anything other than the pickup form which you had them agree to and sign."

Oh.  Ok, so today was the day.  Took the time, sat down, and wrote out and edited my rabbit care packet (the final version will come out after it's proofread another day).  And spent some time tweaking the adoption form so it was more rabbit-oriented.  THEN sent the email to the person with those attachments.  So I hope I hear back from her.

Oh, and since I said earlier that I'd post it, now that I'm home and have access to my files, here's the showbook ad that I sent to Mish for the MCBA Atlantic Chapter's Spring Show's show-book (got our ad in the book by donating a product [donated a chinny motorhome] to the show's raffle):

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