Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hope no one needs to desperately get ahold of me....

So, I had a stupid moment today, and about, oh... 10 minutes after leaving the office realized that my phone... was still at the office.  So... I really hope no one's in any dire need to get ahold of me tonight or tomorrow until about 5 pm.  I'm hoping to call the office on a break at my other job and let them know I'm coming to pick it up, but I still won't have it between now and like 5 pm tomorrow (and god is that going to be a lot of wasted gas just to pick up a phone... but I sure can't wait until next Monday to get it!).  Ugh.  Course, it'll die in a few hours anyway, it was already well on its way, but that phone is like attached at the hip, so omg! 

But onto chin stuff.  Anyway, no responses to the bun bun ads.  My ad on craigslist for the pair of female chins for $150 keeps getting flagged.  Yet, no one's flagging the baby pink white chin in Lombard for $150.  What the heck?  Surely that's selling more so than two adult chins for $150... but I suppose people think they should be like $20 each, hence the flagging.  Oh well, I will just keep posting.  No interest whatsoever actually, it's been a quiet couple of days in terms of adopting out rescues. 

Getting some young volunteers in on Thursday - one of my previous adopters and her kid are coming over to help.  I'm sure I have some cages to clean or at least some litter pans to clean.  Finally got Mish the ad I promised her for the Atlantic Chapter Showbook.  Had a heck of a time doing it, because my regular laptop doesn't have Paint (the program that comes with the computer) so I had to download a drawing/photo editing program and it did not like me.  But I finally got it!  Will post it later if I think about it.  I would say I could send it to myself from my phone and go from there... but..... yeah.  No phone. 

Still have a chin order or two to get out... it's sad how much I rely on my phone, my entire to-do list is on there... like crud, what am I supposed to do today again?  Repost that one ad for sure, but what else?  I do actually hate being that dependent on that phone, but I love it to death.  Almost as much as I love chins and critters, but it's a different kind of love.  It keeps me organized.  Ah well, no organization for the next day or so..... but I bet you chin stuff will get done, cause I won't be playing with the phone, that's for sure!

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