Sunday, March 11, 2012

days fly by

I don't actually know what I did all day, but man did today fly by. 

Started out the day with an 11 am visit from some people looking for a pigeon and some rats.  It had actually turned out that before I ever got in the pigeon, I put up an ad on craigslist looking for a cage that would be suitable for a pigeon.  Of course, no one responded, but I did have someone text me asking if I was going to adopt out the pigeon (must have said I was a rescue in the listing somewhere).  I told them yes I would and got their email.  Well, maybe a week or so ago, I tried emailing these people and the email came back undeliverable.  No big deal, so I went and texted them.  First, a bit late at night, and no reply.  So I thought, ok, I'll try again during the day.  So I did and still no reply.  So I was feeling a bit bad thinking well, I had no way to get in contact with these people that really wanted the pigeon... and so I listed the pigeon saying she'd be ready on such and such day.  Well, got a text the next day, from those same people, saying they'd changed their email and phone number (what timing, you know?) but that they saw the pigeon ad and contacted me! 

So they filled out the forms for the pigeon, and the lady asked me if we had rats too.  Now, we hadn't had much interest with the rats short of the person who was supposed to adopt the rats... and ended up bringing us the pigeon instead.  So I told her, yeah, we have the trio of rats, have to go together, $20 adoption fee.  So she wanted the form for them as well so I sent her the care packet and form.  Turns out, she said it was her daughter's birthday today (3/11) and she wanted to get her the rats as a birthday present.  Now normally I'm not super crazy about that kind of thing, but apparently this daughter had been wanting to get rats again (she'd had them when she was younger) for awhile, and this was just the perfect time.  And she wasn't a kid either, I believe she was in college, so old enough for me to not worry (as much) about her getting a pet as a b-day gift

So they came today, and let me tell you, she was so happy to hear she would be getting all three!  And of course, me, I was excited they'd all be going home!  The family seemed like they'd all be a great home, so no worries about the b-day gift, she was just so excited to have rats again.  :)  So they adopted the pigeon and the rats.  :)


So that was this morning.  Then, I was supposed to have someone come on their way home from IUN to look at the gerbils.  They came and brought their adoption form with them - looked good - and they were holding the gerbils.  They decided they wanted the two males - Obi and Yoda - and they are scheduled to come back on Wednesday to pick them up.  Very nice people.  The gerbils really seemed to like them - the son (can't remember his name) was sitting down by their cage and putting his hand in, and Obi kept running up his hand and up his shoulder onto his back - it was cute!  So they really liked the gerbils, and will be returning for them.  They wanted to make sure they get the cage set up and everything ready ahead of time.

After that... well, before those previous people even came, I got a call from my third person of the day saying they were already in town (originally I was supposed to call them and let them know what time to come) and they asked if they could come now.  Well, my first gerbil people hadn't come yet, so they ended up stopping at a park to play for a bit, and by some magical timing, the first people had picked out their gerbils and were on their way out when the second gerbil people showed up.  Very nice people, very helpful.  Through slippery hands and squirmy gerbils, the mom must have gotten away from us like 5 times.  And everyone in the family got down on the floor to help catch her.  Little stinker, I tell you, but we got her! 

So those people got the choice between Darth (the mom - black) and Luna (lilac) and the two black girls (Hannah and Anna).  They ended up deciding on the two black girls, and ended up taking them home today.  Very nice family.  These gerbils are being adopted out with the notion that the new families will keep in touch with the original owner, so I emailed both the original owner and the new family the contact info of each other, so hopefully they'll get to that soon.  I'm sure they will, they seemed very nice and like they'd be a very good family for the gerbs.

So then somewhere amid all these people, I received a phone call asking about Frito and wanting to come see him.  Well, I told her I'd call her after all the people left, so I did, and she originally said she'd be here in about an hour... but that hour passed and I didn't see her, and I finally checked my phone - had a voicemail.  She'd called about 30 mins after we talked saying something had come up and she couldn't come out today, but would give me a call tomorrow.  So we will see if she does.  Seemed nice and all, so we'll see.

Hmm what else.  Cleaned up the basement a bit.  Since the rats were gone and the bird was gone, cleaned those cages and put those in the stack of clean ready-to-go cages.  Moved some cages around now that one of the gerbil tanks was empty.  Washed some stuff in my ever-increasing "to-be-washed" pile. 

Weighed the mosaic boys... they're almost ready to go home, but now they just need a few days of weight gain.  I can tell you that their new owner is chomping at the bit to get them home.. but gotta make sure they're gaining and doing well before they leave.  Well, yesterday was the first day they were separated from mom.  And they gained weight then, but today they lost weight.  So the 3 days starts over.  So I gave them some hay today.  I don't give all the chins hay daily because most of them won't finish what I give them in a day, but with babies, sometimes the hay will help with weight gain right at the beginning.  Maybe they like it more than the pellets? I dunno.  But I gave them hay and I will continue to give them hay daily and we'll see if they start gaining.  They're getting big (already both around 350g at 8 weeks!) and definitely would be ready to go home... just need that weight gain. 

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