Sunday, March 18, 2012

.... on a less positive note...

... on a more somber note in fact... Lulu and Lilly (formerly Tic and Tac) have returned to the rescue.  Unfortunately, their owners had some problems with air conditioning in their vehicle... and honestly, come on, who would think you'd even need air conditioning in March to keep the car cooler than the forecasted 86 degrees?  But that's Indiana weather for you. 

Well, their owners did the best they could, taking the chins out of the carrier and holding them while trying to have the air on and keep the chins as cool as possible... but the chins came here not looking the best from the get-go.  Their owners said maybe they were just tired, and I'd have liked to believe that, but even they acknowledged that they hoped the heat wasn't too much for them.

The chins were put in a cage and immediately put on chilled chin-chillers.  Lilly was sitting up, but Lulu would only lay down for us.  Within a short time, Lulu passed.  The chin-chillers were replaced with newly chilled ones, Lulu was removed, and Lilly was placed atop the chilled chin-chillers.  Still not sure if she's going to make it, but if she is, there's definitely neurological damage.  When I left her, she was moving really slowly and sort of wobbling around, rather than hopping. 

The chins were in the top of a FN142, but once Lulu passed (and I came to my senses), I took a tile and blocked off the hole so that Lilly cannot fall to the bottom of the cage.  We'll see how she is in the morning. 

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