Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nationals and more rescues!

So, we went to Nationals!  Had fun, enjoyed the pool, had a nice dinner... wait, this is a chin blog.  My bad.  Groomed the chins the night before (well, again, that was not their first grooming) so that the following morning at the show wouldn't be as bad.  So show day, grooming was quick and we got to sit back and relax once we were finished while everyone else groomed!  Haha. 

So the show went on, lots of great animals.  My mom's chin was knocked off the table (no award) for having wavy fur... which I guess I did notice but somehow it never fazed me.  Oops.  We brought her, one of my 6Oakes females, and our own Myshkin.  The 6 Oakes female, Jessie, got a 4th.  I don't remember why off the top of my head, but it's in my showbook (too tired to look right now).  Myshkin, on the other hand, got a 1st!  And for him being a 3 year old, that is awesome!

Was looking for a beige or white (specifically, homo beige or pink white) female to take home.  By halfway through the show I was hoping for even a nice, high placing standard female to take home.  But no luck, there were hardly any females up for the auction, it was like 95% males and the females that were didn't do well enough for me to want them (or, there were like 2 of them that were all of 3 months old - not quite what I was looking for).

So, before we left, I talked to Dan Rolfe (the guy who brought the pelts to show) and ended up purchasing a pelt from him.  Odd, maybe, but for illustration purposes it could be good to have one.  Now that I got it home... I am trying my best to keep it as far away from the dog's reach as possible.  Knowing her, it would become the next chew toy.

So... while at Nationals, the emails and phone calls did not stop.  Those stop for nothing.  So, I got a call the day before Nationals (Friday) from someone wanting to drop off two chins, said his kids lost interest in them.  On Saturday, got two calls from the same person wanting to adopt our gerbils, got a call from someone else wanting to drop off chins cause their kid lost interest, and got two calls from someone in Delaware wanting to adopt one of our pairs of chins.  Called everyone back -- got ahold of the gerbil people, who said they found gerbils by them.  Sometimes, I swear, people need to give me a few hours to call them back before they go run out and get their pets elsewhere.  But anyway.  Got in touch with the second person about her wanting to surrender the chins - so she brought them over today, Moch and Mycha.  Called the first guy wanting to drop off chins - got an email back today, and he also called again today, so we talked on the phone and I later emailed him back.  I got a third call from the Delaware person about the chins today - called them pretty much right back, but only got voicemail - I left (on the message) that their call shows up as Delaware, and if they are really Delaware, well, we are Indiana, so.... so I haven't heard back.

While I was out, had someone pay for an order of chin food, so I need to get that out.  Had another put in an order for some hay and some food, so I will be working on that as well.  Also need to get cranking on getting Gigi's cage all ready to go, because she's ready to go to her new home... just as soon as I get the cage done!

Also had someone email about the gerbils - which, originally I emailed back saying hey, got someone else interested, I can let you know if they decide to not get them?  Never did hear back, but then when the person told me that they had found other gerbils, I emailed again saying that they are back up for adoption.  But... considering the same person called me twice from different numbers.. I'm half betting that email is from the same lady who already got gerbils.  So I don't have much hope riding on hearing back from her.

Had someone email about Storm as a pet for their three year old.  Someone who'd never had chins.  I'm not a huge fan of chinchillas as pets for kids that young and I told her I thought that a better pet might be a rabbit or something that might hold still a little better... haven't heard back, but I was honest.  But anyway, Storm is actually on hold for someone, seems like a good home, just got in the adoption form today.  :)

What else... hmm.. oh, one of the people who bought some dust, treats, and whatnot a few weeks ago emailed me to let me know that she got her package.  She was inquiring about adopting a chin to breed... so I informed her that she couldn't adopt a rescue and breed it, she'd need to purchase a pedigreed chin.  And went on to say that usually the only pedigreed chins we have for sale are babies and she would have to wait until the baby was old enough to breed before putting it in with her male.  I'm sure it's all in one ear out the other, but I can't help but help.  Anyway, she asked how old the pedigreed ones were, so REALLY in one ear out the other, and I told her, we typically sell babies at 2-3 months and that's pretty much the ONLY pedigreed ones we have for sale, hence the me telling her she'd have to wait maybe a year before breeding.  So we'll see.  Can't say she's giving off the best impression so far, but at the same time, we don't even have any pedigreed females to sell, so I'm not exactly worried.

And I think that might be it.....  got all the chins settled in the basement.  My dad was here to check on the chins and all, but it's not the way I would, so I changed out some litter pans, cleaned Shiloh's cage, filled all the food bowls... all the stuff I do every night normally, but it seemed to take a bit longer cause it was like it wasn't done the way I woulda done it for the past day or two.  But they all still had food and water so kudos to dad, they survived my absence.

As for the rescues we got in, Moch and Mycha.  Supposedly a mom/daughter pair. They are standard grey, and at least at first glance they look exactly the same, lol.  Came with one of those 24x24x41 cages that we sell.  Has some broken bars, a bit chewed up, the shelves are horrendous!  They can live in there until the next time I go down, and they will get moved to the empty FN.  I'll fix up the cage with some wooden shelves and send it home with the girls if their home is looking for a used cage, but man.  Hope that plastic was just chewed off and not ingested.

... and I see new products everyday.  Of course, they came with a plastic wheel, dandelion drops, and an igloo, but they also came with this Vitamin C treats which consisted of rosehips, dried cranberries, and dried kiwi.  Never seen anything like that before, hmmm.  Obviously the dried cranberries and kiwi aren't good but the rosehips would be fine.  Probably more of a g-pig treat than a chinny treat, but we've had a lot of people who think that chins may need that extra vitamin C in their diet as well, so maybe that was the case here.

Anyway, that was about it for the going-ons this week.  I put up ads for Buttons and Foofy tonight, so we'll see if there's any interest in them.  Still trying to figure out what's up with Caddy (Cadbury) so she can wait.  I even put on the ads something about "rabbits are not an easter present, they are a lifetime commitment" and a statement to the effect of, if you tell us you want the rabbit for your kid for easter, your application will be denied.  No doubt we'll still get some of that, but hopefully the good homes will come through.

Going to bed now.

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