Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Frito, they love and leave you

Well, unsurprisingly, the person that said they'd call the next day (Monday) about coming to see Frito... never did.  And two people who emailed me asking for the care packet and forms... never got back to me and it's been awhile now on both of them.  But hope is not lost!  Got a new email today about someone wanting Frito.  Someone emailed saying they saw his pics and fell in love with him.  Of course they wanted more pics - I hate to be an ass, but there's 5 pics on his ad, that's more than I put up for most chins... but I did send them more pics.  Don't know if they saw the part about the adoption form or not cause they didn't mention it, but I emailed it to them along with the pics.  Said they'd "stop by" this weekend or next... leading me to say that we have hours by appointment only.  I think I may need to put that on our website, as we get a lot of people who want to tell me they'll "stop by" later and it's like well hold on, I may not be home later if I don't know someone's coming.

As for the chins, cleaned the runs yesterday with the bag of fluffy shavings that someone brought here.  The chins are loving it, I'm sure, cause it's so much softer... but the darn stuff sucks up wetness like a dehydrated horse (it gets wet and stinky really quick) so I'll have to change those quicker than usual, but in the meantime, the chins will enjoy nice fluffyness.

Need to work on some chins ads and stuff... but at the moment I just need to work on getting my sleep schedule back on track, and that'll never happen with me staying up all hours to write chin ads.  It can wait until tomorrow, it's already after 11.  Will need to put up ads for Ghost and Storm soon... and I believe we are getting back Lulu and Lola (Tic and Tac) this weekend so that will be something as well.  But we'll see, nothing final yet.

No emails on the last gerbil pair yet, but now that they're actually "ready" to go home, I will update the ads saying so and we'll see if that doesn't drum up some business.

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