Friday, March 9, 2012

More rabbits!

So, last night I got an email from someone wanting to drop off two rabbits.  So today, we became the proud new owners (er, temporary caregivers) of two lionhead bunnies.  A black female and a gray male.  Very nice buns.

Today... man I don't even know what took me so long but I was down in the basement with the rescues for hours.  One of our adoptive homes (soon to purchase two more fluffballs from us) wants some custom shelves (cut at angles) and some hidey houses and stuff, so I was putting those together today.  Table saw chucked some wood at me, so that was fun times.  Just got my hand, but man that wood went sailing across the room.  Luckily there's nothing breakable in that area.

So, I was really stressing out that I had all the empty chinchilla cages cause my rescue area was looking crowded but several cages had nothing in them... so I cleared out a spot over by my parents' stuff (shh! don't tell them) and completely cleaned out 4-5 unused cages and stuck them over there.  So that's my current spot for cages that are "ready" to be used, like have shelves in them and hammocks and all.  I still have a few other spots for cages - one spot for the smaller cages and another for the cages that still need to be cleaned from their old homes and have shelves added and prepped and all that... who knows when I'll get around to that, but since I moved those other cages, I was able to re-organize the cages I currently have pets in, and I don't feel as stressed now.

Finally gave up trying to litter train Caddy (Cadbury).  Poor girl would poo in the litterbox and pee everywhere else, and every day I'd have to dry her off and clean the cage.  I finally just put shavings over the entire bottom and took the litter box out.  She'll still probably pee only in that one corner, so I can spot clean every day or every other day but the litter box is clearly out.  That's plenty of time she's had and not catching on any more than she was the first day.  And man does she pee!  I forgot how much water rabbits drink! 

Finally got my order in with my cuddlecups and gerbil food and kabobs and... whatever else I ordered, I don't even remember.  Gave Shiloh another cuddlecup on a higher level.  Hasn't gone in it yet, but he DID start going into the cat condo I got him.  I don't know if that's what it's called but I got him something like this --> (his is more beige-y but you get the idea) and for a few days he left it alone but now he's been going in it.  It just BARELY fit in the largest door of his cage.  And of course not up a ramp or anything, so it's on the bottom level.  Today I saw him snoozing in it!  He's such an awesome pet, love him to death.

What else... lots of emails today.  Got sent three adoption forms - one for the rats, one for the pigeon, and one for Kona & Pompeii (I think - I asked them to verify that's the pair they want).  Also got an email about one of the gerbil pairs, I think they're going to come Sunday to check them out. 

Also got an email about a possible shelf order, will need to check on shipping for that, and I started packaging up an order from last week today. It's going to fit in a small box so I should be able to refund a decent amount of shipping. 

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