Wednesday, February 29, 2012

time's a changing....

So tonight was the night I separated the gerbils.  Didn't have too terrible a time figuring out the males/females, and they're so sweet the way they will climb onto your hand.  Will need to get photos of each of the groups, but for now, they're separated into a male cage, and two female cages.  Adorable little critters.

Weighed all the chins today.  Our fluctuating chin finally seems alright, and her loose poos are gone.  I guess the Mazuri was doing it, cause the second we switched her to Oxbow, *poof!* regular poos.  So, she will have to be fed Oxbow for life, but that's alright, at least we found something that works for her.  As she's already on hold (and has been since like forever), I emailed her new home and let them know that she is finally ready to go home!

For Joker's babies... one of the three people is coming over tomorrow to bring a cage, see what I think of it, and (I think) have me make shelves (if the cage is alright).  The other two I emailed and sent pics to today, letting them know that the babies are gaining and seem to be doing well.  So maybe this weekend we will have some pick-ups.

As it's almost the end of the month, I weighed the chins all today.  All either maintained or gained (few of our breeders gained a bit).  Never did get an email back from the original owner of the four girls asking about whether or not they'd been in with a male... but all of them dropped a little in weight this week, making me think they were gorging themselves the first part of the month and now they're eating more leisurely, knowing the food bowl will be filled when it's empty.  Makes me wonder what was going on at that previous home. 

Cadbury went from not liking her food to downing the entire bowl in 2 days!  I suppose that's good, but I was surprised to go down there and not see a single pellet in sight!

And the other day, I noticed she had peed all in one corner, so I put all the wet shavings in her litterbox and moved the box to that corner... and today I noticed.... *drumroll* most of the poos and wet spots are in the litterbox!  There are still shavings throughout the cage for the moment, but we seem on the way to a potty-trained bun.  Oh, and Cadbury gained about a half a pound (she now weighs 7.5 pounds). 

Oh, and had to pick up some shavings and hay cubes the other day, so we now have our hay cubes back in stock.  And we are going to start selling Apples 'n Oats cookies - I'm thinking 10 cookies - $1.50, 25 cookies - $3.00.  These are horse cookies, so for a chin, they do need to be broken up in to several pieces, rather than the whole thing given at once, so 10 cookies will last more than 10-treat-times.

My phone keeps messing up voicemails, so I wonder what types of voicemails I'm missing... hmmmm.  Hopefully not chin-related ones.

Having no luck finding the chins we're looking for to get delivered to Nationals.  Contacted one large breeder - they don't have them, contacted another who said she will check (I guess they have a broker sell their chins?) when she goes there once a week, but she wasn't sure... and really, there's no one I know to ask personally about specific chins... so I posted on the forum saying what I'm looking for (show quality females, pink white and homo beige, 1st or better (if shown) or can hold their weight on the show table if not, good color, clarity, density, and whatnot)... course no one is posting.  But then, almost no one is posting replying to threads on chins wanted, so I don't know what's up with that.  Like if no one's selling well-placing adult chins, then how do these people supposedly start up their herds buying good quality adults if no one's selling them?  Just a thought.  Course, I am asking for a bit harder to find colors, so maybe that's it.  I might just have to hope to find some at the show and see how that goes.  Ah well. 

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