Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bi-monthly weigh-in

Well, so I said I was going to weigh the chins tomorrow, but I ended up weighing them all today.  Everyone's doing pretty well, with a few notations.

Black Beauty - who is on hold with paid deposit for someone - only gained something like 15 grams this 15 days, versus around 50 the last period.  Her new home has already waited considerable time for her... but this needs to stabilize before she's able to go home.  But 15 grams is more promising than 50, so hopefully she will stabilize.  I have written down that, if she got pregnant the day she came here (she was housed with a male), she'd be due around the middle of March.  So, even if she doesn't stabilize... within another month we'll know for sure about the pregnancy or not.

Out of the four new girls and boy, who were not housed together... one of the girls remained relatively stable with a slight weight gain, and the other 3... gained about 50 grams a piece.  So, I don't know if they prefer their Mazuri/Tradition mix to straight Tradition or what?  The boy did gain about 50 as well, so I'm starting to wonder if they were free-fed at their last home, cause man do they chow down!  So I emailed the previous home (though she didn't answer my last email) asking if the females had been kept with or had playtime with a male.  Her mom was the one to drop the chins off, due to her having some health issues that day, and I had asked her mom if the boy had ever been housed with another chin and she said no, the boys were always kept in their own cages... but that wouldn't mean there wasn't possible playtimes and such. 

The girls are looking a bit better - they're all healthy weights to start with, but two are fur chewers... but even they're starting to look a little less ragged. 

Puff is back to gaining weight.  Good news, after she dropped about 30-40 grams after her mom/cagemate was put to sleep last month due to malo and an abscessed tooth. 

And of course, the babies are gaining like weeds.  None of our breeder chins showed any significant weight gain, so I don't think we have any expecting mom's at the moment.  

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