Sunday, February 26, 2012

Treats, toys, and packages

So today, I finally packaged up all of the stuff for the chin orders that have been waiting to go out.  Also packaged up some Amazon orders.  So tomorrow should be a busy day - work, then post office, bank, show, few other things... gotta cancel an appointment... but anyway.

Today was fun.  Today was my day off so it was nice to sleep in and get some stuff done.  Was down with the chins for awhile today... cleaning as usual.  Cadbury's starting to pee in one corner, so even though we were having litterbox issues, I scooped up all the wet shavings, put them in her litterbox and put it in the corner.  She was grunting at me, of course, but I am SET on getting this bun to litterbox train.  The cage is waaaaay too big for shavings everywhere.

Let's see... oh!  I contacted Ryersons and they will be bringing 5 bags of dust to Nationals for me, so that's awesome.

Tried contacting my breeder-of-choice to get some chins for the herd, but they didn't have what I was looking for, so I posted a wanted ad on CnH.  So we'll see.

Filled up alllllll the toys in the chin cages today.  Some of the chins were practically ready to snatch the toys from me as I was hanging them back up in the cages.  Little turds.

I realized that (1) I am completely out of haycubes, and (2) I have no business cards down in the chin-room.  So I need to get some haycubes and put business cards down there.

The way I realized both was that I was putting together someone's order for when they come to pick up their rats at the end of the week, and I was on my last goodie bag.  So I figured I'd make some more.  So I started putting everything together and I realized the only hay cubes I had only about halfway filled a gallon-sized ziploc bag.  Uh-oh lol.  So I made enough goodie bags to fill my container and went onto my kit bags (goodie bags with kit-safe chews in them, no treats).  Started filling them and got to bag #3 when I ran out of hay cubes.  So that was a "darn!" moment as we're going to have three kit sales soon and some of them want more than one bag.  So I will need to get some hay cubes asap.

And as I was getting the order ready, I thought I'd put everything on the side, the care packet, the stuff she's getting with the rats, the hammocks, and I realized, no business cards. So that's on the to-do list as well.

Went around filling everyone's water... I swear they have all turned into little camels lately!  Like I swear I just filled some of those bottles recently!  Ah well.  Still need to fill the rabbit's before I go to bed. I think I'm going to hang a second bottle for him, cause even though his bottle is huge, I really am filling it ridiculously often.

Separated Joker's kits from her today... a day early because they're all good weights and doing well.  So now, just waiting to see if they all gain weight in the next few days and if they do and continue to, they'll be ready to go home soon.  All their homes are biting at the bits, so everyone will be happy.  And then I think our bv female that had the loose poos, that cleared up with a food change (Mazuri --> Oxbow) so as long as her weight has held steady since the last time, she will also be ready to go home, and her mom will be SOOOO happy cause she's waited like at least 3 months for this chin's issues and problems to clear up and she's finally looking like she's ready to go!

The rats are their usual friendly selves.  Changed all their ads to include the phrase "these rats do NOT come with a cage" today because apparently everyone who wants them is only concerned about that.  I've had emails that ask only that about the rats, no interest in them.  I may reduce their fee to $20 when I re-do the ads at the beginning of March, maybe people think $25 is too much for three 1-yr old rats?  I mean, they're at least $15 each in the petstore, so it would cost $45 for three...  but then, these are 1 year olds... but they're like... pre-owned, cause they're already social and great rats, so I don't want to undersell them or get them too low, so that I get idiots wanting them for snake food either, you know?  I don't feel like $25 is all that much for three rats, but then, I don't adopt out rats all the time, so it's hard to say.  But we did adopt out Harvey (1 yr old rat) for $10, so going with that, three for $25... well, maybe people just don't want three. But that's how they come, and that's all there is to it.

Gave all the chins some sticks to chew on today, a few of them snatched away the stick and gave me glares like as if I was going to take it back!  Hahaha.

Need to get ready for the people picking up in the upcoming weeks, seems like everyone picking up wants quite a few things that need to be made from scratch... so I should get on that!  But for now, I have work in the morning, so on to bed.... 

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