Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baby chins: 1, Frito: 0

So, good day for baby chins, bad day for Frito.  Had some people come over today to look at the chins - they wanted to decide between a baby and Frito.  Well, of course they picked the baby.  While I love Frito, can't blame them, everyone wants a baby.  But I still have my fingers crossed that Frito's perfect home will pop up soon!  He's such a sweetie. 

So the people that came over put down a deposit on the one baby, and I had been waiting for a paypal deposit for the other, and when I came upstairs after the chin-people left, there was my paypal deposit in my email.  Look at that.  So now, all the babies are on hold. 

Emailed back like four people who had been hoping the babies would be deposit-free and said they all have deposits on them now.  Also emailed someone who was interested in some of our previous chins, letting them know about GiGi, one of our newer rescues.  She's got the same personality type as some chins they were interested in, so I thought I'd email them and see if they were interested before I spent time typing up ads for GiGi.  So we'll see.

Then, well, earlier while I was at work, got a call from Randy, our resident hay-buyer.  Literally, the guy is saved in my phone as "Randy (hay)."  He shows up about twice a month (he calls first, people who just show up randomly aren't often let in) to get some hay for him and his wife's guinea pigs.  Well, he called earlier today, and when I called back after work I got his voicemail, so I thought he wouldn't be coming today, but then right after the chin-people left, Randy called.  He and his wife Ashley (hope I'm spelling it right!) came over and got four pounds of hay, and donated $6 to the rescue!  How awesome are they!  So they were curious about if we had any new critters so of course I had to show them the pigeon and the rabbit and they had to pet Shiloh (prairie dog).  So we chatted for awhile, I learned some tips on pigeon care (thanks Ashley!) and it was nice to chat for a bit and relax.  I've been so wound up lately it as nice to just talk-pets for awhile with people like me who also go into the pet stores and read all the labels and are particular about what they feed their animals, and support rescues, and all that.  Found out they live in Valpo, which is about an hour from here (for those that don't know) but Randy usually stops by on his way home from work, which it turns out takes him really close to our house.  So that's cool.  And they just got a rabbit so they bought more hay than usual (usually they get 2 pounds, 4 was an increase), so always good!

So, finishing up the night emailing people and stuff.  Was looking at my chin orders today - need to spend tomorrow packaging up some... I realized that I almost sealed up a box with only ONE perch shelf when the order is clearly for TWO.  Oops.  Did that with a toy order last month.  I need to be more observant of the quantity selected.  But I didn't send it out wrong this time, so kudos to me.  I caught it ahead of time.  So tomorrow I make another perch shelf and that order will be done, and I just need to put together another 2 orders and I will have all three, and two Amazon book sales to ship out on Monday. 

 Need to email the one family that was here with our care packet and adoption form, so I should probably get to that.  Great family, they will be awesome with one of the baby chins.  :)  The tales of them with their pet rat were hilarious!  They were talking about her following them around and sticking her hands out of the cage reaching for them and everything, it was great.  Seems like a very nice home, very good kids (not young kids, like teens).  I've had so many people emailing lately that don't turn into anything that it's nice to have a good one turn up.

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