Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Today's post will be longer than usual, and will bring us up to speed as to where we are now, so the future posts make some semblance of sense.

It's been a bit of a frustrating run at the rescue lately [I will say it now - we've all gotten into the habit of referring to anything chin related as "at the rescue" - doesn't matter if it relates to selling supplies, adopting out rescues, or selling pedigreed baby chins, it's all "at the rescue"] .  Within the last week, we had someone come here and look at the babies.  Even marked the ear of the one he really liked (we have two gray females), but I had this feeling it wasn't going to pan out.  Didn't hear from him for a week, and as our policy states, with the exception of people who have a paid deposit down on a chin - if I don't hear from people within a week, I send a reminder email or call them, and they have two days to get back to me before I will take the chin off of hold or move onto the next person.  So, I called this person, left a message.  Day two (and it's always day two), I get a call back saying the guy was going to breed meat rabbits instead.  Alrighty. 

Also had someone contact us asking us to take in their chin at the rescue, and then asked if we would pay them the adoption fee once the chinchilla was adopted.  Nicely explained that the adoption fees come back to the rescue to help pay to keep the rescue open.  The rescue isn't profitable.  Last year, our expenses were roughly $7500.  The fees we made from adopting out rescues AND selling pedigreed chins, COMBINED, were only $4900.  That's a difference of $2600.  Thankfully, our supply sales made up the difference, but if we were to give all of the original chinchilla owners back the adoption fees, I can only imagine the negative dollar signs I'd be seeing.  Of course, upon telling this owner that, I have not heard back from her.  I hate to be rude, and I definitely don't wan to sound greedy - but at the end of the day, the people who are so concerned with money need to adopt the chinchilla out themselves.  I don't know how they see us as any different than dropping a dog off at the humane society and then asking the HS to hand over the adoption fee.  It's no different - the chins may stay here months, years, and the adoption fees we ask typically do not cover the cost of care/toys/and so on while the chinchilla is here. 

Currently working out what we're going to be doing about the Lake County Pet Expo.  We're attending - I've already let them know, so I suppose I'm screwed if I were to get a "real job" between now and then, but we are going.  We're suppose to donate a raffle item, and we're thinking a coffee basket... but have yet to make it to the store to look at what we're going to include.  We have time though - it's not until May.

Speaking of Donations, I told Mish that I'd donate something to the Atlantic Chapter show... which is after Nationals.  We still don't know if we're going to Nationals, as mom is still not walking well after her most recent hip replacement.  Need to decide soon, but I don't want to aggravate her and keep asking because of how easily she gets peeved.  I keep thinking I'd like to donate like one of our motorhomes, but then, those take so long to make, it'd be probably the only thing donated to the raffle, so I'm thinking maybe a basket instead with some chin toys and such.  I dunno, haven't decided yet, so we'll see.  And of course, if we go to Nationals, we will be donating a raffle item for there as well, so... it all just depends!

I'm starting to worry about Frito's potential home.  While the potential-home has stated they need to borrow a car to drive here and get Frito... I haven't heard from her for over a week now.  I emailed her yesterday, but I am anal about hearing back right away and I start to panic when I don't.  Poor Frito has been here forever. 

On a more positive note, the potential home for Flipz & Mr. Top Hat wants to come see them this weekend, and has given me a final list of the supplies they want (in addition to the cage and supplies that come with the chins), so that's a positive thought.  I really hope these boys end up going home with them - they seem like a very nice home and are willing to keep in contact with the previous home and all - always a positive thing.

Our trio of rats are back up for adoption.  Had a potential adoptive home for them - but she ended up saying she had to move (or something along those lines) and now can't get them.  She not so subtly asked us to take in her pet pigeon at the rescue, so I ordered a bird cage off of Amazon the other day.  Supposed to come tomorrow, and she's supposed to bring the pigeon Friday.  I suppose we'll see how that goes.  Had a call about the rats today - someone said they wanted more info on the boys, so I called the back.  Turned out, it was just someone wanting to know if I had a huge rat cage for sale - they weren't actually interested in the rats in the slightest.  Oh well.  A good home will come, though I wish it would come sooner.  I'm regretting putting the boys in my chin-cage with the wooden shelves, as it is looking grodier by the day.  I think I'm going to switch them out to one of my all-wire cages so that I can slowly clean the chin cage (it's one of our few baby-safe cages that aren't runs) and it will really need a good scrub down after this.

Had someone email us a few days ago about the four girls we will soon have up for adoption.  Talked with her a bit, emailed her the adoption form and all, and now just waiting to hear back.  I need to gain some patience, because I start to worry the second a few days have passed, but I'm really hoping this will pan out. 

Had someone email the other day asking why shipping was so much when ordering supplies.  She was wanting to order a chin mobile and a few other small things.  Can't remember exactly what else, but as the chin mobile weighs several pounds... that's a good portion of why shipping is so much.  I emailed her back letting her know that we do refund excess shipping and she ended up placing an order.  I suppose I should get started on that.

So, that's the recent happenings at the rescue.

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